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Stormie the second chapter.. Enjoy but beware 16+! - Issue #4

Stormie the second chapter.. Enjoy but beware 16+! - Issue #4
By B.J Starink. • Issue #4 • View online
I know it was a bit of a wait 1 whole day, but with my community service I didn’t had much time to upload the second chapter for what I apologise. But I won’t wine too much about it except that the justice department screwed me on this one. I have to work hours on what I already did in the past.. I can hear you think what a criminal and yes I am, well was! I’m bettering my life but I’ve been trying to do that for years and years now… I’m dwelling off so people come and see, come and see:
Welcome to the Second Chapter of Stormie a 16+ book, not for the faint of heart although you wouldn’t say that in this chapter. This chapter is just like so many books and other stuff you can read. Like, you know other readable stuff……. This chapter is still soft and well it’s gonna get a whole lot worse, but not yet. For the real horror, you have to wait a little while to show up on your screen! But we’re just a few weeks away from that to happen.. So share this newsletter with all horror fans out there on the world wide web. Tell your friends and in the meantime support a very very tiny writer of horror books. A writer who can’t focus on reading but don’t tell them that….. Without going too long about my hopeless efforts to get subscribers, here’s the second chapter. Complete with my Still unfinished disclaimer! So take care and enjoy the ride called Stormie!
Signed in misery and bound in a bloody mess called life: B.J Starink!
… Disclaimer…
Title: Stormie!
Copyright © 2021 - BJ Starink
All rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, companies, places, events, locale settings, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictional way. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopier, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the publisher.
Cover design by: BJ Starink
Chapter 2.
I immediately go back to bed but I don’t get to sleep. I search all over the internet for a cat, but my mother is ahead of me and comes to me with the words: Hey look what a sweet pussy. I immediately see my chance and point with my finger to a tabby one with mischievous eyes. Call it love at first sight! The litter of the litter. I want that one! When she says they are of the Turkish Angora breed, I am completely sold. A colleague also had one and those animals are sweet playful and rebellious. His slept with him and his dog without any problems. Although you have to be careful with this breed because they require a lot of attention. But that’s okay, I have enough time now that I don’t work no more. And I’m not going to work anymore either. Never again! I will be a writer, although I would have to do something about my language use. But we will see that. As soon as the message has been sent to the cat lady, the waiting for a reply begins. While I put the covers over me and go to sleep for an hour. When I wake up, I realize that I am again without a job. Without work or money again. I immediately feel useless again. But what difference does it make of work or no work? It doesn’t get you much better, and it only brings misery. Walked down my mother shakes her ass happily and she happily says:
We’ve got her, we’ve got her. She’s ours! What do we call her?
The first name that comes to mind is Stormie! She joins immediately and jumps of joy in the air. Her enthusiasm is something I haven’t seen for a long time. Working also destroyed her. But that is now over, we are now heading towards a “quiet” time. No more up at 4.30 or overtime until 2 am just a quiet time. But then things have to cooperate. Then everything must cooperate. Soon I receive a phone call from the social services and I immediately think know how the rest will go. But it turns out to be a normal and calm conversation. Something I did not expect. I have to see them next week. Well, if that’s all I have to do. A rock falls off my shoulders and I turn around again. Thinking about my new cat Stormie and all the mistakes I make up with her. Satisfied my eyes close and I fall into a deep sleep. But my past doesn’t let me rest even in my sleep. Another nightmare I think when I get up, another one from the past. My entire day can be ruined by one such nightmare. But we make the best of it. Although I just know that it is slumbering for a long time. I’m going to have a better time that’s what I’m saying to myself.
You are already, I don’t know how long clean and you stay that too. You keep your claws from that shit from back then, then you won’t get any problems. I am going to have a better life without struggles and pain. 
Without annoying neighbors and challenging sleeping dogs. I’m going to have a better life, although it will be difficult at the beginning. Virtually impossible, but I have to work on myself. And Stormie can help me with that. The innocence of children and animals is unparalleled. I walk downstairs and sit at the table with my mother and grab a cup of instant coffee. Her words when she looks at me: How have you slept, was it a good night? I want to rant and swear but I turn and say: Yes, this time it was. I can see that she does not believe me please do not continue this time… Then she takes her bag and goes to the shop. The sweat is still on my forehead and a deep sigh comes from my lungs. Fortunately, we have had that too. Immediately I look up the kitties again on my phone and that site. She looks so sweet, so innocent and playful, a real rascal. A cat full of fire and youth. My thoughts are with her: Stormie will have a beautiful life. A wonderful stress-free life. A life as a queen. Just like the cats in ancient Egypt, besides worship, of course. I don’t believe in gods or evil spirits that a cat should be able to see.
Which a cat chase away, that those Egyptians believed in. That they accompany the soul of a dead Pharaoh and that the falcon took it to its last place. I do not believe that. A cat is a cat and not a leader. A cat cannot lead, just as a dog cannot. A dog is also just a dog. 
Just like a chicken is just a chicken. Animals are no different from us only in form, just appearance otherwise we are not much different from them. We all need that bit of affection and that bit of trust and we all need that bit of love, whether you’re an animal or you’re human. Animals also talk just like us, but we cannot understand an animal. I want to be able to understand this cat. I want to be able to talk to this cat, this cat is going to have a life like no one has had. I make up for my mistakes with this cat. She’s not even there yet but I already love Stormie like I’ve had her around me for years. It is that piece of what we all need. That little bit of love I already feel for her. I say cat but she is actually a pussycat and one in my heart when I look in those eyes. Those mean little eyes like: I’ll catch you, those innocent eyes like: No don’t, I’m not doing anything wrong! Yes, I do my best for her. Just as she will for me.
This is love at first sight, I am convinced this is something I last felt 9 years ago. The feeling that I have to change my life. No more drinking and fighting. No longer behind bars or lead doors, just play with my cat and let all the worries go away. Some people have this feeling with a child, but I already have it with a cat. What will a child release in me? Am I still that devil, that hell hound, that sucking bag of vomit, or will I finally be the way I should be? A sweet boy, a nice boy. 
But a boy who is sweet and nice can also get angry, something I have to watch out for from now on. My anger is not of this planet, my anger is destroying everything. But with this cat I can make a step to a better life. I am convinced that this cat will be my door to another dimension, to another existence. A quiet existence without stress or having to look over my shoulder to see if there is such a jerk again.
A lot has happened, a lot. Many happened, a lot. Much done, too much. Seen a lot, too much. But, as usual, there is also too much misunderstanding. And too many convictions. Too much guilt but also too much pointing.
And all fingers always point to me. As if no one else exists on this earth but me. As if everyone has made a pact with the devil and is trying to get their soul back. And I’m that goddamn devil who won’t cooperate. That goddamn bag of vomit that can only think of itself. To no one but himself.
That cat is a sure way out, but that is not certain either. Because no matter how far you run it can even trip you up while you run. And the troubles that haunt you always will. The hassle will never give up until you have a puddle of mud on the floor and then the hassle will keep on kicking and kicking on you until there really is nothing left to pedal. Until you lie underground in the earth, and even then, it will still go on. 
There is no excuse but you can make it bearable for yourself and that’s Stormie job that cat who will see a lot and maybe too much.
The cat that after a while also turn against me, but her soul is safe because this devil only wants the depraved and black souls. The innocent must remain innocent. And the black souls must either die or stay with me forever, with me, the devil on which they put the blame.
The puke and hell dog the biggest coward and sissy there is. The largest asshole with loose hands. The biggest idiot who always falls for every trap. Who always gets angry and then has to pay for it again. This cat, this cat…… She is back home from shopping. And I have sunk into my mind like every time. Every time the same story that nightmare also sticks with me. This will not be a nice day. But then she shows the cat lady’s reaction. And I get lights in my eyes I feel it happening. Stormie will soon be allowed to leave the nest, she is already eating and drinking independently. What a little warrior that is, what a small strong cat. This is predestined I don’t believe in much, but I do believe in this. You shouldn’t defy fate. But we get her on a silver platter. Don’t turn it down, but not now. Stormie is for me. I immediately scream out of joy:
And soon she sends a message back, I feel completely warm inside, she is ours. Stormie is ours. That’s a nice present for both of us, she has a boyfriend and I have my door to a potentially different dimension.

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