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Stormie! Enjoy but beware 18+! - Issue #6

Stormie! Enjoy but beware 18+! - Issue #6
By B.J Starink. • Issue #6 • View online
And we’re back for another chapter of Stormie! Chapter 4 I believe?
This is the point where the ball starts to roll. But it’s still not the start of the book.. Where you might think you know horror this brings a whole new dimension! At least I hope so, I hope that something like this is never been done before! But one thing is for sure you need to know your horror only knowing about slashers isn’t good enough for this cursed book. You really need to know your horror! Horror like The exorcist and Poltergeist like The Omen hellraiser and stuff like that. Why do I only name movies? Well this book is like a movie what plays in your head and what will make you see the true definition of hell!
lets get started at chapter 4 why don’t we? The almost beginning of the book enjoy!
… Disclaimer…
Title: Stormie!
Copyright © 2021 - BJ Starink
All rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, companies, places, events, locale settings and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictional way. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopier, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the publisher.
Cover design by: BJ Starink
 Legend narrator Li.
Well after this introduction to the fight that a lot of people have against themselves, including B.J Starink himself, I start with the legend called Stormie, you thought we had already started, didn’t you? No dear people we weren’t. Only when Stormie comes in do you understand why he wants me to tell this legend and why in this way… The old legend narrator Bennie is not there this time, he had some problems with his vocal cords or who cares? But he asked me if I wanted to tell you this legend and I do. 
Well, my name is Li and I hope to be able to tell you this legend well because a cat can see between life and death, the two worlds are small and there is a veil between them. But the cat or cat can look through the veil and protect you for evil spirits that you want to penetrate the house. 
BJ’s house, for example. And more people with him. Yes, I see you thinking what is this again who is that woman? Well folks I am the legend narrator of this story and now let’s get into the legend of Stormie right?
Chapter 4.
It is still early but the family goes to bed, they have to get up early because Stormie comes in today. The new addition to the family and the hub they will run on. Stormie makes them complete again and when Roy goes upstairs his mother quickly follows. Marisa turns off the lights downstairs and gives him another kiss before going to sleep.
Tomorrow she’s coming boy. I hope we can sleep and not lie awake all night from excitement.
Roy looks at her and says with a wink:
No, I hope so now you will sleep up it’s an early wake tomorrow, and not worry too much.
She closes the door and Roy tries to close his eyes but there is too much commotion outside and he starts to get annoyed again. But the cat comes first so he keeps trying to get to sleep. It is 3:29 am when he wakes up from a scream, it seemed to come from inside the house but when he goes looking there is nothing to see. He can only think: Again? Then he walks up the stairs and sees his mother smiling at the top. She taps his bedroom door with her fingers and quickly walks away.
His heart is beating in his throat but he must not disturb her now otherwise he has a problem. And a very big one. He’s tried that before, but now he’s leaving her alone. He lies down in his bed again; it is 03.47 when he wakes up from giggling noises. 
His mother is giggling in the doorway, wiggling on her feet. Her eyes glow and the corners of her mouth slowly disappear into her forehead. Roy knows he must be quiet now. Must lie still in bed and not make a noise. But she knows he is awake and with a loud burst of laughter she runs into her own room next to his. Sooner or later the bomb will burst on him, but not now, it is not her fault. Everything that happens is the fault of the house. This house and everything what is in it is evil. What’s hiding in the cupboards and doorways, and what’s going on in the attic is the greatest evil. The greatest evil that pits them against each other and her against everyone. He has to protect her from mistakes set by this house. She is so impressionable for words and deeds of this house. But he likes to keep his promises. He is then told promise is guilt. And he has promised to protect her. But that is sometimes difficult, sometimes he wants nothing more than to run and not look back. Just get out of this hell.
But a promise is a debt. Something he knows all too well, something he’s noticed all along, is promise is guilt. And his simple promise is what has kept him here for years, a promise but above all hope for a better time. Speaking of time, the clock below strikes six times. And when he checks his phone it is 6:00 am, another night without sleep. Then he goes downstairs and start with his book. 
He initially wanted to write about Stormie, but let’s start with something else.
His book will be called Unknown Tendencies . And this one gets scary, but also one that’s not civilized and where rules don’t matter. A book like life is here. But then fictional, and in an easy guise, easy for everyone to understand. He has always been a horror fanatic and he will show it to the public. He also knows it’s hard to break through as a writer, but that day will come. After about sixty books, that day will come. He has written several times but never a book.
That’s what he will do when he opens the laptop and starts his first few words. The courage is already in his shoes. But he goes through and he finishes it. He soon hears footsteps overhead and he gets just as scared as he was last night.
But this time, the upstairs door opens and he hears quick footsteps on the creaking wooden stairs. Something that already gives him nightmares what will she be like? She looks in and he sees the horror on her face, she saw something, but blames it that he is already awake. When he says he is writing a book she looks at the same place again and angrily walks upstairs. But he knows she’s mostly afraid. She must have had another nightmare… As so often, this house is not safe. Not for him either, not for her and not for him. 
They have to get out of there, but where to start they are both registered for another house, only she has a chance in the countryside rather than he in the big bad city.
He allows her to leave even if she leaves before him. He allows her. Then the door opens again and now he hears slow footsteps coming down the stairs. She happily sits opposite him and shares the happy news that Stormie is almost there.
This is a difficult but righteous life for him. This is his punishment for what he did back then. Where drugs were more important than love, and alcohol has always played a prominent role.
This house is an executioner who will hang you or cut your head off if you make a mistake. This house is a punishment for the mistakes made. And he made many! This house is far from done with him! And it lets him know that every day. He has started to hate everything about the house, and everything just goes wrong. He no longer hears what Marisa says. He is lost in a dark time full of blood and a great sense of impotence. Lost in a time where survival was his life. Flush where the bullets next to him and ricochets off the wall if he does not…
But Marisa doesn’t let him get too far in his mind and sees that he’s having a hard time. Again, his bloodthirsty thoughts have won from him. 
And again, he runs away to get out of the house. Something that does not go down well with his mother. And who tries to stop him. But in anger and pure hatred he pushes her aside and slams the door shut. He is and always will be the boogeyman, the black sheep in town and in the house.
Outside he becomes calm again, the cold outside air can have that effect. The colder the better, the summer already drove him crazy as a little boy.
Only outside and away, he hears the bang his mother made when she fell, he hears it well in his mind. And he turns around out of guilt. Again, the house is calling him back. When he is almost home, he hears the phone ring with the words:
Stormie is almost there so will you come home?
I’m almost there!
Is the cold answer Marisa receives before he hangs up the phone. He shoves the key into the lock and turns to see Marisa standing there with hatred in her eyes. He’s the boogeyman and he always will be. But not for Stormie because Stormie is innocent! When his coat is hung and his shoes are off, the doorbell rings. Two women come in and give Stormie to Marisa. Roy immediately feels calm when he sees her. So, calm on the woman’s neck, so small and full of love. 
Such a small ball of love, Marisa holds her on her hand and she barely fits in. What a sweetheart but she is immediately reluctant to Roy and blows a little at him. He has to win this cat over to him first. But there, their Stormie is a ball of happiness, and a token of true love. Where he hates people from the bottom of his heart, he can do nothing but love animals.
 Try and stay alive guys and I will be back next week with another chapter, chapter 5 if I am not mistaking?
See you next time signed in pain and bound in a lot of pain unknown horror author B.J Starink!

B.J Starink
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B.J Starink
Stormie a truly 18+ book. Maybe you might need a greater, age restriction for this book. It will turn your stomach and it will hurt your soul, it's a coldblooded book about a cat, my cat! Soon in English and Dutch, not sure about the cover yet!
#spreadthehorror #horror enjoy!
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