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Meme Mondays #5 ft All the Unscalable Things

Meme Mondays #5 ft All the Unscalable Things
By the Wizard of ODD • Issue #5 • View online
First of all, unscalable is that even a word?
Grammarly doesn’t seem to think so that’s for frickin sure.
Today my tip is well the reason 50 of you are here today.
>> Doing things that aren’t scalable or well that smart even <<
IE do stuff for free.
What? But shouldn’t I be paid my worth and all that jazz.
Yeah, you should but do you want new clients and opportunities or what?
A great way to get more engagement on LinkedIn is to “gamify” your posts.
Create a mini-contest.
Make sure that the prize is you offering something related to your business that you are good at.
For me, it was a copywriting review of your last post on Linkedin.
Offer a reward to anyone who does the thing you want them to do.
IE sign up to your newsletter or leave a comment on your post.
Now be prepared to put in a bit of free work.
But what’s the bonus?
You’ll either grow your email list, build a better network or potentially find a client…
Or worst of all, you took a risk and nothing happened.
Which is still a massive win.

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