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Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 49 close soon!

Ludum Dare
Ludum Dare
Just a few quick updates as we begin ramping up to Ludum Dare 49.

Theme Suggestions close soon!
Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 49 are closing soon! If you haven’t made your suggestions yet, we encourage you to do so
The “Theme Slaughter” round should kick-off in the next day or so.
We have a Privacy Policy and TOS
We’ve recently added a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to the Ludum Dare websites. We encourage you to take a look and to share any feedback you have with us here:
We're hiring!
And a quick reminder that we are looking to hire a Senior Developer in Canada to help work on Ludum Dare. You can find more details here:
We will begin reaching out to candidates in about a week and will be beginning interviews after Ludum Dare 49.
That’s it for now. We’re just over 2 weeks away, and things are about to get busy.
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Ludum Dare
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