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The Theme for Ludum Dare 50, Apology

Ludum Dare
Ludum Dare
The theme for Ludum Dare is

Delay the inevitable
Problems with Revue (newsletter provider)
Hey folks, this is Mike!
My sincerest apologies for the email delay. I did not realize that Revue imposed a daily limit on newsletters, and because of the late Keynote, we had to sit on this for a few more hours. Yikes!
It's at this moment he realized he messed up
It's at this moment he realized he messed up
I’m at fault here for not doing my homework before choosing Revue. Our previous mailing list provider was Google Groups, an antiquated and today barely functional host. “Functional” was all I needed to see to sell me on a replacement, and I was caught up in the Twitter integration. It never crossed my mind that a host might impose daily limits.
This one is on me. “A newsletter provider is not an alert provider”, I get this now. It was my mistake to make, and I made it. My sincerest apologies.
We can’t fix this overnight, but this is a critical flaw in our intended use of the newsletter, and it needs to be addressed so this never happens again.
After we wrap Ludum Dare 50, we will begin taking steps to move away from Revue, and 3rd party newsletter providers in general. We can provide a better service and experience by integrating newsletters and email alerts directly into the website. This was on the TODO list, but due to my misunderstand of Revue, this has now been prioritized.
We will continue using the newsletter to provide timely updates, until its replacement goes live in the coming months.
- Mike Kasprzak
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