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Ludum Dare 49 ends! Time to play and rate games! More announcements!

Ludum Dare
Ludum Dare
Oops! We’re running a few days late, but we’re back! Ludum Dare 49 ended with nearly 3000 games submitted! Great work everyone!

Time to play, rate, and give feedback
Did you submit a game this past weekend?
If so, you now have 2 weeks to play, rate, and give feedback on other games. If you’d like a rating at the end, be sure you participate.
We have several other announcements, so be sure to check out the link above.
Some of those include:
Award Show? Sort of!
We’re not exactly having an award show, but results are going to be revealed a little differently this time. Check out the link for more details:
Are you a streamer or YouTuber? You should check out the link. :)
Share games made with GMS2 and Win!
Our sponsor GameMaker asked us to share this with you. They recently made some big announcements including GXC, an all new online platform for free GameMaker game distribution, and a contest open to all GameMaker creators.
Details can be found below:
Opera and Game Maker are hosting a competition with a $45,000 USD prize pool to celebrate all the wonderful games made with GameMaker Studio 2. The Community Showcase Competition is aimed at creators of existing and free games made with GameMaker. 
In order to submit a game, open GameMaker Studio 2 and choose your favorite project. Then, select the Opera GX target and start the upload process with a few clicks. Finally, access the GXC DevCloud where the competition will be hosted to add a description of your game and pick relevant generes. You can check out the submission tutorial here.
You can submit your free games made with GameMaker Studio 2 to one of nine categories: Best Action, Best Arcade, Best Platformer, Best Puzzle, Best Multiplayer, Best Art Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Level Design, and Most Engaging. You can keep tweaking your games through the duration of the competition and are welcome to submit more than one game. 
Five games from each category will be chosen as winners and their creators will be rewarded with a monetary prize of $1,000 USD. The jury includes the Head of GameMaker, Russel Kay, and the Head of Opera GX, Maciej Kocemba. The competition opens today and will be open for submissions until October 11. 
GXC is the next step for Opera Gaming
Opera established Opera Gaming to build synergies between the world’s first browser for gamers, Opera GX, and the GameMaker Studio 2 game development engine, as well as to work on new ventures in the gaming space. Currently launched in beta, GXC will be the first instance of this synergy, connecting indie game developers with the fast growing Opera GX audience of more than 10 million gamers. The platform will enter the beta stage in the coming weeks and will then become open to a wider audience.
For more details, read the press release here. The Terms and Conditions for the competition are available here. 
For FAQs go here
We’re looking forward to playing your game!
GameMaker Team
And more!
Check out the link for more announcements and details.
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Ludum Dare
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