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Innovation Inspiration — #2: A Podcast Worthy of Your Time

Innovation Inspiration
Innovation Inspiration — #2: A Podcast Worthy of Your Time
By Lucy Gray • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome! This is the second edition of a semi-regular newsletter designed to keep educators up to speed around the topic of innovation. For years, I’ve auto-curated content on, but am transitioning to using Revue, a newsletter platform developed by Twitter. (The High Techpectations newsletter will end in its current format in August.) Please consider subscribing for industry insights and more and share with your friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!
Yesterday, I highlighted a few Tweets with content worth perusing. Today’s edition is focused on podcasts. I am making a concerted effort to engage in learning this summer and below is one podcast that has captured my attention. Typically, I subscribe to a bunch of podcast channels via Apple’s Podcast app, then browse looking for specific episodes that appeal, and then listen via Apple TV while I am working on various projects.
What podcasts do you find inspiring? Share it on Twitter and tag me at @elemenous!

Remarkable People from Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People - Guy Kawasaki is a personable tech evangelist and entrepreneur with a long and storied career in Silicon Valley and beyond. With this podcast, he interviews a variety of accomplished people about their work and life experiences. This content genre reminds me of other inspirational programming I’ve soaked up over the years such as Iconclasts and Brian Grazer’s Disrupting My Comfort Zone.
Remarkable People podcasts episodes that I’ve listened to and recommend include ones with Jo Boaler, Paul Theroux, and Jane Goodall. Educators should be familiar with Jo Boaler’s math education work at Stanford, and I was shocked to learn that other academics challenged her work and tried to discredit her. Theroux’s body of travel and fiction writing is enormous and I am now inspired to read more of his works. His interview covers a wide range of topics from Hawaii to Mexico to the future of travel post-pandemic to his writing process. It sounded like Goodall has had many conversations with Kawasaki previously, and I loved hearing more about her own background, about how she’s adapted her work during the pandemic, and her ideas around environmental stewardship.
Welcome to Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People Podcast
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Innovation advisor and ed tech evangelist Lucy Gray curates interesting ideas and resources for forward-thinking educators.

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