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Lucien Engelen - Issue #30

September 3 · Issue #30 · View online
Lucien Engelen, sharing stuff i read and do.
Over the past weeks i have been reading, digesting and writing about innovation in health(care) in a remote location and this last week actually in the South of France. Sometimes peeking in on the internet to research some stuff and to see what my friends and connections are up to of course.
Striking (for me) it appears that i write (and think) better on paper in visual forms and some text, as opposed to writing long stuff on a computer. Doodling allways was with me, as i started mindmapping some 15-20 years ago, but the way of work that gradually evolved the past months is more structured for me and really helps.
Today i wrote and doodled about black, brown and white bears in different types of innovation like incremental, radical, architectual and disruptive. I drew a model to cross-map those and how to act on them, that all of a sudden became clear. It will be included in the book of course.
I also started talking to a lot of people from within and outside healthcare about the current status (quo?) in healthcare innovation and the need for it in terms of model, experience, research and approach to innovation. Media, pharma, insurance, defense department, consultancy, real estate, retail and grocery/supermarkets were some of the sparring partners that were kind enough to join me for lunch, a walk or just coffee.
My sabbatical (more on that later on Patreon) was/is very helpfull and also brought me to a small booklet i’m writing meanwhile, about what you’ll learn (about yourself) during a sabbatical. I intend to return to my REshape midd september, including a radical plan, in fact a dream (yes, i have a dream, again). So i’m gradually restarting, as also with this newsletter. 
Hope you had a great holidayseason and love to read your feedback on the posts.

No computer anymore, ehh not really ;-)
No computer anymore, ehh not really ;-)
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