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Win the battle against time with these tips

Win the battle against time with these tips
By lucianohgo • Issue #18 • View online

Hey Leader! I know you value your time. This issue is dedicated to helping you value it more and get the most out of it.
This week while talking with one of our Engineers who was struggling with how she applied her time I doled out some advice but didn’t go into great detail:
Luciano Holanda
Hoje bati um papo sobre gestão de tempo e deixei algumas dicas:

1. Começar o dia sabendo a coisa mais importante para entregar nele
2. Bloquear tempo na agenda para foco e não olhar slack nesse momento
3. Não deixar coisas importantes virarem urgentes de surpresa
So I dedicated this issue to a topic I know hurts almost everyone at some point in their careers especially when they change roles or want to start acting at a different level: time management. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please let me know by sharing it on Twitter, or LinkedIn and tagging me, it helps a lot! 🙌🏾
Making time for what matters
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash
Becoming a manager makes time management a matter of survival. When I first became one, I lost control of my schedule. Before that, I used to manage my time well and spend time on things that were most important to me. Suddenly that wasn’t true. I didn’t have a routine anymore. I over-worked to finish all that I promised because I wanted to feel dependable. I got tired, didn’t have time to reflect on all my mistakes as a new leader–overwork included.
I vividly remember the day I realized this. I was reading High Output Management. In a few pages, Andy describes one of his days and how he spent his time in different categories: Gathering Information, Giving Information, Nudging, and Decision-Making. And it just felt so alien. We had very different job descriptions, but my day was not like that at all. Knowing I had a time management problem, I decided to debug it. I charted the amount of time I spent in different activities based on my calendar and figured out two things:
  1. I couldn’t account for several hours of my day and how what I was working on those hours was strategic to my goals
  2. My priorities and time-applications were utterly out of sync
Whenever the complexity of our work increases, for example, when we change roles or want to perform at different levels, we understand that we need new Skills. And skills matter a lot. But they’re not where people usually fail. People fail at how they apply their time and on what they value. I was failing on both of those. These were the main ways I solved that and got back to feeling good about my day:
  1. Fixing the way I think about my responsibilities
  2. Keeping a Prioritized list and preventing important things from becoming urgent without notice
  3. Using my Focus time intentionally and well.
Making time for what matters
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