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The Remarkable effects of helping others and 3 easy steps to do that better

The Remarkable effects of helping others and 3 easy steps to do that better
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Hey there and welcome to the 3³th issue of my newsletter, it’s truly great to have you here. A great part of my time has always been dedicated to helping others outside my teams and as a manager helping people is my job description, so the topic of today’s newsletter is one that is both very dear to me and critical to my work: Finding ways to meaningfully help others around us. Hope you enjoy it and if you find the content here useful, let me know by sharing it or sending me a message, would love to hear from you!

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Finding ways to help the people around us
Great Content on the Subject
Happiness for a Lifetime | Greater Good
What does sponsorship look like? | Lara Hogan
From Social Media
Shreyas Doshi
A brief thread on

Impact = (Execution ^ Strategy) × Market

for product people:
Yuri 🇰🇷
I love Udemy !!❤️

So, I made a list of the top Udemy courses for each slide of Brad Traversy's 2021 Web Development roadmap😆

This thread is for aspiring frontend developers!

Includes: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Frontend frameworks, TypeScript, etc.

A thread🧵
Jesse Pujji
Two Teenagers pitch 100+ VCs with no success.

Instead, they bootstrapped the startup to millions in profits until the VCs came calling.

The crazy part?

Today the company is worth over $15BN and they have full control.

You've used the app, but you don't know the story 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
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