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The Problem with not Understanding the Problem - Lu's Newsletter - Issue #11

The Problem with not Understanding the Problem - Lu's Newsletter - Issue #11
By lucianohgo • Issue #11 • View online
Building software is fun. So we want to get to it. We’re eager. We want to get our hands dirty. This can make us waste a lot of time and resources. That’s why this issue is dedicated to slowing us down. This is more critical the more complex the project and the more people involved. Let me know if it helped you 😊 . If you’re feeling generous (and a little smarter) by the end of this, share it on Twitter and LinkedIn, and let’s help more people build the right thing!

The Problem with not Understanding the Problem
One common difference between inexperienced and experienced engineers is the eagerness with how they approach a problem. When we’re starting, we’re full of certainties, we hear the problem and jump to a solution right away. We go to our “best practices” toolbox and start pulling out all our hyped-up technologies. On the other hand, battle-hardened engineers usually take a step back and go searching for context first. They know that understanding the problem is the most critical part of creating software.
Sometimes we waste so much time before trying the simple, obvious solution
Sometimes we waste so much time before trying the simple, obvious solution
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The Problem with not Understanding the Problem
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