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The Feedback You Receive Is Horrible. We're Going to Fix it.

The Feedback You Receive Is Horrible. We're Going to Fix it.
By lucianohgo • Issue #21 • View online

Hey there 👋🏾 Welcome to the 21th issue, feedback edition. Feedback is one of those things we know is critical, but have a really hard time doing. People have a really hard time giving actionable feedback or giving feedback at all. The feedback we get is usually horrible in many ways. Yet it’s critical for us to grow.
Getting feedback from people who 1. are experts on the work that we do or 2. are directly impacted by the work we do is a great way to learn and grow faster. No amount of failure will make us better without reflection. On top of that, it’s not always easy to pinpoint what made us succeed in different scenarios. So we need all the help we can get. Feedback is a gift, so it’s also our job to make the most of it.
So this issue’s original content is dedicated to making the most out of those feedback with some cool data and research on the effects of bad feedback and why it’s so hard to learn from our failure. I’ve also assembled some great articles I’ve read both as research and that I personally send to people when they ask me about feedback. Hope you like it, but most of all, hope you give me Feedback on it 😊 If you’re feeling generous share and let me know what you thought!
The Feedback You Receive Is Horrible. We're Going to Fix it.
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How can you evaluate the caliber of people at a company before joining it?

Here are 10 tips:
Jack McCloy
the most talented people are attracted to the most interesting work. if your strategy requires/includes recruiting talented people and doesn’t include them doing work that’s uniquely interesting, it’s not a good strategy
John Cutler
the challenge is viewing the practice (OKRs in this example) in the broader context.

when people say "oh let's do X" they often leave out the bigger picture.
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Weekly, I write and explore topics on Building a Career in Tech, Leadership, and Creating awesome User Experiences. I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager at QuintoAndar a (very) fast-growing Startup in Brazil. I was a partner in a Software House in the past, worked at AWS, and learned a lot from great leaders and peers along the way. I tap on that experience to decide topics, research them weekly and compile what I've learned so you can avoid making some of the mistakes that I did.

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