So you think hiring juniors is enough to solve your hiring gap?



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So you think hiring juniors is enough to solve your hiring gap?
By lucianohgo • Issue #30 • View online
Hello, hello, and welcome to the 30th issue! This can either be a very late issue for late September or a very early one for November, you choose which 👀
Twitters and LinkedIners love telling us: “You Evil Corporations are all dumb and no wonder you’re suffering from a hiring gap. Just hire juniors and train them and that all will be solved 😎. ” It’s been a long time since I wanted to write on this issue and why it’s not that easy. This is my best effort, along with some great topics on scaling orgs and teams, hope you enjoy it!

Original Content
Why Hiring Juniors and Training them is not enough for fast-growth companies
Great Content on the Subject
The Perfect Storm Causing an Insane Tech Hiring Market - by Gergely Orosz - The Pragmatic Engineer
Juniors (not) wanted. Is the industry only hiring Seniors? | by PG Gonni | Bootcamp
The Alchemy of Scaling Teams in Fast-Growing Startups - Blinkist Magazine
The Right Way to Scale Agile: Scaling Value Delivery over Process
Why Small Team Collaboration Usually Beats Larger Groups
From Social Media
Shreyas Doshi
How to write docs for busy execs at work:

Short doc (2-3 pgs)

Lead with the gist in 3-4 lines

Structure -
Context (why)
Why it matters (so what)
Proposal (how)
Recommended actions (what next)

Make it flow

Don’t pack everything you know

Footnotes, links, appendix for details
Ryan Breslow 🕺
When you look all at the iconic companies, there’s 1 undeniable shared trait:

A willingness to take risk.

In contrast, dying companies lack this trait.

So… how to do build an team that’s ok with risk?

It’s not so simple. Let’s dive in 👇👇👇
Shreyas Doshi
In your 1st month at a new place:

-start using the product
-read key docs & summaries
-learn people's names
-build rapport with manager
-meet the best PMs there
-ask how to get stuff done
-shadow user calls
-get clarity on your goals
-fix 1-3 things for your team
-listen > speak
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