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Make your next job change great: Endgame Strategy When Switching Jobs

Make your next job change great: Endgame Strategy When Switching Jobs
By lucianohgo • Issue #28 • View online
Hey there and a warm welcome to my 28th issue! First of all, welcome to the new subscribers. I’m really happy to see our group growing. I’m learning a lot by writing and reading content for these, but it makes me glad to see more people benefit from the content.
This week’s issue is dedicated to helping people in a very critical time: Switching Jobs. There’s a lot of content out there on how to prepare for the Interviews, it’s so hard and there’s so much information that we forget about another critical time: the time after we receive the offer or, as I nicknamed it, the endgame.
Hope you enjoy this week’s content, I wrote it with a lot of love. If you liked it, as always, share it with your friends and help them too. If you didn’t, let me know, I love candid feedback of any kind!

Original Content
Endgame Strategy When Switching Jobs
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