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Kill your Heroes. Stop encouraging Problem Creation - Lu's Newsletter - Issue #14

Kill your Heroes. Stop encouraging Problem Creation - Lu's Newsletter - Issue #14
By lucianohgo • Issue #14 • View online
This week in a Dev Community someone started complaining about several Over Engineering and useless things people created to get promotions at a Big Tech they work at and how dealing with that was painful to the teams that end up maintaining that code. This and a great tweet from @shreyas inspired me to dedicate this issue to Super Heroes and Problem Creation and revive a blog post I had on the subject. Remember to share it with your team and avoid superheroes and problems from propagating further :)

The Myth of the Super Leader
I don’t know one person who would sit on a single-legged stool. Yet, I know many who believe that a single super-hero leader can sustain companies. You know them too. Heck, you might even be one of them. We want to believe that—it makes the story easier to understand. And we love stories, don’t we?
We buy that Steve Jobs was Apple, that Elon Musk is Tesla. The world bombards us with success stories and quasi-mythological characters that explain a firm’s success in shows we watch, in the news we read, in conversation, everywhere. Believing these narratives creates one big problem: We coddle bad Leaders because “they’re brilliant.”
Leaders who cause dependence are bad, no matter how brilliant they seem. They create two issues in their organizations: Fragility and Bad Culture.
Read More:
The Myth of the Super Leader
Great Content on the Subject
This is a great post that @shreyas wrote on this on LinkedIn
Why smart companies become stupid: the Preventable Problem Paradox
Engineers, specially those with a lot of ownership tend to try to hold everything together, they stay late and fix things that are broken. They go the extra mile and fill in the gaps for other peers so that the Weekly or Sprint goal is achieved and we promote them for this. This is a great text on why that is a problem:
Kill Your Heroes, Stop Doing it Harder | Irrational Exuberance
Specially in Startups is very common to have some people bearing the brunt. Some few super heroes who go over and beyond and save the day. This is bad for them and for the business in the long run. This is a great text on the subject.
Stop being the hero. Why best products and leaders are never… | by Linda Z | Agile Insider | Apr, 2021 | Medium
Shreyas Doshi
What is success—my personal heuristic technique.

Rank these by personal priority
- Family
- Career
- Health
- Friends
- Interests
- Community

Having the freedom to spend all the time that I'd like to spend on my Top 3 priorities ⇒ I am Successful

Cannot have it all & thats OK
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