Are you living inside a shitty simulation?



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Are you living inside a shitty simulation?
By lucianohgo • Issue #20 • View online

Hey there! Glad to have you here for my twentieth issue 🥳
Wow, 20 weeks. This is a huge achievement for me. I started this newsletter as an attempt to deepen my knowledge and share it with others. The main idea was to have a compromise to publish weekly. To have over 40 people actively reading and some sharing their thoughts and helping me learn is humbling. So thanks a lot, no matter when you joined, no matter if you’re just taking a look, your support helps me keep going 😊 If you like today’s content or have some feedback, make sure to share it on Twitter or LinkedIn and let me know!
In this 20th edition, I’d like to double down on a subject I love, Dissent. Hopefully, with last week’s issue, you’re at least a little more convinced of the importance of fostering dissent, of how killing it makes the teams complacent. This week I’d like to talk to you about how to not only Welcome Dissent but actively build it into the team’s culture. And why some people end up living inside a shitty simulation and feel like they’re having the time of their lives.
Training our teams' Dissent Muscle
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Consistency isn’t killed when you miss a day.

It’s when you use the missed day as an excuse to never start back up again.
Thanks for reaching this far 🤗
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Weekly, I write and explore topics on Building a Career in Tech, Leadership, and Creating awesome User Experiences. I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager at QuintoAndar a (very) fast-growing Startup in Brazil. I was a partner in a Software House in the past, worked at AWS, and learned a lot from great leaders and peers along the way. I tap on that experience to decide topics, research them weekly and compile what I've learned so you can avoid making some of the mistakes that I did.

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