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Are the Engineering Managers in your company falling for this trap?

Are the Engineering Managers in your company falling for this trap?
By lucianohgo • Issue #24 • View online

Hello there and welcome to the 24th issue 🥳 I decided to kick this one off with a controversial topic that I know I’ll get some flack for. But this topic is as much controversial as it is important. It comes up in discussions in different ways:
  1. Should Engineering Managers Code?
  2. Should Engineering Managers make technical decisions?
  3. Should the Tech Lead manage the other engineers?
  4. …(and the list goes on)
I believe getting this wrong as companies scale make it very hard to grow the engineering team both in size and in seniority. Let me know what you think and share the article to spark debate in your company 🤘🏾
The Lure of the Tech Lead Manager and Why You Should Avoid it
My Favorite Content on the Subject
Tech Lead Management roles are a trap. | Irrational Exuberance
The Definition of a Tech Lead
5 Engineering Manager Archetypes
From Social Media
Romeen Sheth
Early career years are painful.

You feel like an idiot 98% of the time - lost, confused and insecure.

I wish I had a cheat sheet of principles for my first job.

So I put one together.

Here are 20 things about building a career I wish I knew sooner:
Steph Smith
Companies should rethink vacation.

At times you need to fully unplug. Other times, you just need a change of pace.

What if there was X weeks allocated to be:
- Meeting-free
- Half days
- For creative projects
- For clearing backlog

How else could we rethink "time off"?
Alex Lieberman ☕️
I asked for the best books on psychology & behavior.

700 replies & 3,500 likes later, enough content has been recommended for a lifetime.

Top 5:

1) Man's Search for Meaning
2) Behave
3) Thinking, Fast & Slow
4) Games People Play
5) Paradoxes of Group Life
Thanks for reaching this far 🤗
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Weekly, I write and explore topics on Building a Career in Tech, Leadership, and Creating awesome User Experiences. I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager at QuintoAndar a (very) fast-growing Startup in Brazil. I was a partner in a Software House in the past, worked at AWS, and learned a lot from great leaders and peers along the way. I tap on that experience to decide topics, research them weekly and compile what I've learned so you can avoid making some of the mistakes that I did.

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