An Unspoken Rule of Highly Effective Product Teams



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An Unspoken Rule of Highly Effective Product Teams
By lucianohgo • Issue #16 • View online
Besides today’s issue, I’ve written in the past about the Role of Engineering in Product Strategy with actionable advice on the best ways Engineers can contribute. If you’re from another function–Design, Marketing, Operations, Sales, etc.)– I would love to hear your take on your role in Product Strategy and feature it here in the newsletter in the future, send me a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn, or answer this Survey! As always, if you like the content, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and let me know :)

An Unspoken Rule of Highly Effective Product Teams
Before we go on, look back in the past six months and answer these two questions for yourself:
  1. “Do I feel that I participated in a relevant way and that my team’s Product strategy considered and represented my views?”
  2. “Do I feel that, during this time, the team worked primarily on the things that are most important to where we want to go?”
If you answered no to both these questions, you might be thinking something in the lines of:
  • “There’s no way I could have impacted the product strategy.”
  • “You just don’t understand the Product Manager and team I work with.”
  • “You have no idea how hard it is to get stuff done and approved here.”
If you thought that, I’d be thrilled to help you understand why that will lead you and your team into mediocrity, resentment, and failure.
I know you have a million things to do. I understand that people are complicated. I know about office politics. I know it feels safer to do what we do best and let everyone else sink or swim on their own. I get it. And it doesn’t matter. That boat that is sinking is our boat too.
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An Unspoken Rule of Highly Effective Product Teams
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Amanda Goetz
I had a day without meetings and maximized my productivity for a single day.

What I thought would take a few days took 6 hours.

PSA to companies: meetings are slowing you down!!

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