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3 Huge Failures I Had as a Leader, 5 Signs you won't succeed as a Manager and more

3 Huge Failures I Had as a Leader, 5 Signs you won't succeed as a Manager and more
By lucianohgo • Issue #23 • View online

Hey there, welcome to the 23rd issue hand-crafted to you with love by yours truly. I just finished reading an incredible book called “The Motive” and it brought back to me these 3 stories, besides opening my eyes to ways I’m currently failing without even noticing.
Writing about these stories is a humbling experience and a necessary one. I bring them to you with an open heart and a heaviness in my chest in the hopes that this will be a public commitment to do better and an invitation for people to pull me back from reward-centered thinking (learn what that is in the text 😉). I understand I can share them and not excessively fear losing my job or others judging me because I’m privileged in so many ways. So I hope this privilege is used for good and:
  1. It helps you avoid accepting a job you don’t want to do. One that you don’t value;
  2. It helps you avoid going through the same failures I went;
  3. It serves as a conversation starter to support your leader to be more responsibility-centered and less reward-centered.
  4. It prevents me from getting blind-sided by these thoughts and feelings again.
Let me know if it did 🤘🏾
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Start with Why: 3 Huge Failures I Had as a Leader and Why They Happened
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From Social Media
“ The biggest missing value statement in the agile manifesto is: Successful outcomes over efficient delivery” - @jeffpatton
Shreyas Doshi
Technique can make you good.

Mindset makes you world-class.
Chris Dixon
1/ Topic: The internet treats bad business models as defects and routes around them. 🧵👇
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Weekly, I write and explore topics on Building a Career in Tech, Leadership, and Creating awesome User Experiences. I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager at QuintoAndar a (very) fast-growing Startup in Brazil. I was a partner in a Software House in the past, worked at AWS, and learned a lot from great leaders and peers along the way. I tap on that experience to decide topics, research them weekly and compile what I've learned so you can avoid making some of the mistakes that I did.

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