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1 Sure way to make your team fail and why it's so common

1 Sure way to make your team fail and why it's so common
By lucianohgo • Issue #19 • View online

Hey Leader,
There’s just too much bad advice out there. The most dangerous ones are the ones that seem like common sense. I started this week seeing one of these in my LinkedIn feed. It basically said:
“If you’re not the solution, than you’re part of the problem”
After that, he went on and on about how you should propose solutions and not only identify problems. This is a very common misconception, which I addressed in a post on LinkedIn:
"Se você não é a solução, então você faz parte do problema."
This kind of advice or business motto that got spread out when things were done in a more hierarchical and less collaborative way should live in the past. It’s simply not as effective.
Bad advice like this puts wrong notions in people’s heads. When I started out my career I thought good leaders were assertive people who came up with a vision, shared it, and everyone would rally around it. I viewed dissent as a negative thing.
So continuing on the bad-advice-busting series, this week’s content will be on Dissent, why it’s so hard to deal with it and how not welcoming it makes team fail.
If you like the content, do share it on Twitter and LinkedIn and let me know. I would love to help you on how to make your team more collaborative, challenging and help them share and grow more. Send me a DM.
You might be making your team complacent by killing Dissent
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Shreyas Doshi
Regarding tweet #2, "strong opinions, weakly held", this is an excellent post by @michaelnatkin that I'd recommend reading in its entirety:
The link referred in the tweet:
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Thanks for reaching this far 🤗
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