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Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer - Issue #8

Luce Carter
Luce Carter
Welcome to Issue #8! 🧡
I’m Luce, a newly diagnosed combined ADHDer from the UK. The aim of this newsletter is to share with you my journey as I try medication and other techniques to get a better handle on my chaotic brain. Plus things I have found interesting that week or caught my attention!

🗓 Update of the Week
Same Sh** Different Day when it comes to medication. Still no change :(
But today I got a diffuser for my office where I can try different essential oils and see if it helps! Been another tough week with my head. I just can’t get focused, its a real struggle 😔. I manage to scrape by but it’s so disheartening.
Been a great week though, something big happened that I talk about in Proud Moment of the Week below 😁.
I also spent the weekend starting work on an app to help track blood pressure and pulse readings. It hooks up to a database in the cloud so it can be logged and accessed both online and offline. Woop!
Screenshot from an app showing date, time, blood pressure and pulse history
Screenshot from an app showing date, time, blood pressure and pulse history
💬 Quote of the Week
Quote from Getting Things Done by David Allen
Quote from Getting Things Done by David Allen
🎵 Song of the Week
Different genre again this week but an interesting song none the less. This is one of my favourite classical pieces of music, Chopin’s Piano Sonata No.2 in B Flat Minor, aka Funeral March.
It is associated with something quite sombre I know, but if you get past that bit and just listen to all of it, it’s a beautiful piece in its own way.
Frédéric Chopin's Piano Sonata No 2 in B flat minor, Funeral March [HD]
📹 Video of the Week
I try to avoid having two videos by the same person two weeks in a row, but then Thomas Frank dropped an awesome video this week that I really enjoyed, and wanted to share with you all.
😁 Proud moment of the Week
So this might be the biggest Proud moment of the Week section we have had so far.
If you follow me on Twitter you will already know this news, but I can officially announce…I am writing a book! 📖
It will be a technical book on the amazing database technology from my employer MongoDB including what it is, how to get started and how to pair it with my favourite language and framework, C# and .NET.
The aim is to have it written within 10 months so it can then be edited, printed and released. So you never know, it could be released by Christmas 2022!! 😱
This is huge for me though and I am very proud. I have no doubt trying to write a book to a deadline is going to be hard with my ADHD but there is no book on this subject combination yet so I am honoured and excited to take the journey and I will try and add a new section to the newsletter either each week or intermittently with updates on how writing is going!
I will also share updates on Twitter, so if you don’t already, feel free to follow me!
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Luce Carter
Luce Carter @lucecarter1

Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer

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