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Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer - Issue #3

Luce Carter
Luce Carter
Welcome to Issue #3! 🧡
I’m Luce, a newly diagnosed combined ADHDer from the UK. The aim of this newsletter is to share with you my journey as I try medication and other techniques to get a better handle on my chaotic brain. Plus things I have found interesting that week or caught my attention!

Meds this week..
Not much to report this week. I had a review on Tuesday morning and since the stimulant type medications weren’t working, we are moving me on to non-stimulants, which will take longer to get in my system as they aren’t fast-acting like the stimulant group meds. They haven’t arrived yet though so nothing to report.
I must admit, I am praying these new meds work. I have struggled for many years understandably but sometimes, like this past week, I find myself really struggling and concentration is almost a myth. The more meds I try that fail, when apparently they should help, the more hope I lose! 😔
For those interested, I will be on Atomoxetine 50mg. Maybe my body chemistry will react better to these. Watch this space! 👀
Song of the Week
I have loved music from the label NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) for about 6 years now, so this week we have one of the first songs from the label I discovered :)
Ahrix - Nova
Video of the Week
This week we have a video not related to productivity at all! This is a video I found from YouTube recommendations. It is by Scott The Woz and is a humorous look at the total joke that is mobile games being ported to console! Its only 20 minutes long and actually kept me engaged, winner!
Book of the Week
My parents and I often find ourselves liking the same shows and books. A while ago, my mum recommended a series on BBC iPlayer called Strike. It is a TV adaptation from books by Robert Galbraith (actually J.K. Rowling under a different name) about a detective agency. I really enjoyed the TV show and was told the books are even better as they have much more detail.
There are 5 books in the series so far, of which I have read 4. This past week I have found myself starting book 5, Troubled Blood. This is an excellent series that I recommend to anyone who likes the murder/mystery genre.
It’s nice to read non-fiction sometimes. I am still reading Atomic Habits that I mentioned last week, but that is on pause temporarily. Some lovely colleagues at work also want to read it so we have started a book club so am avoiding getting too far ahead.
Front Cover of Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith
Front Cover of Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith
Proud Moment of the Week
This week I managed to stream again on Twitch! I have done it on a couple of Saturdays but this week I decided to bring back ‘Web Dev Wednesday’ and we went through a visual design course on
It was nice to be guided through a tutorial, much less stressful than trying to stream a project when you lack coding confidence! I struggle to code sometimes because my ADHD makes it overwhelming so having a completely in browser experience with small code to change was lovely.
Chat was also very active and they kept redeeming my channel points to make me put a hat on. Except they asked me to stack them so I ended up with a wig, a flat cap, a top hat, a baseball cap and a peaked beanie hat on my head! Thankfully the videos are available on Twitch still so if you want a laugh, go and have a watch!
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Luce Carter
Luce Carter @lucecarter1

Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer

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