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Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer - Issue #1

Luce Carter
Luce Carter
Welcome to Issue #1! 🧡
I’m Luce, a newly diagnosed combined ADHDer from the UK. The aim of this newsletter is to share with you my journey as I try medication and other techniques to get a better handle on my chaotic brain. Plus things I have found interesting that week or caught my attention!

So far..
I have struggled for many years now and as I got older, I was able to understand myself better and also do research and it came to my attention that I definitely have some symptoms of ADHD. I went to my local doctor who referred me to the local ADHD service, but warned me it could be quite a wait. Understatement of my life!
4.5 years later, I finally saw someone on 23rd July 2021. We had a roughly 1.5 hr call with lots of questions about adulthood and childhood. It turns out I tick pretty much every box for both types of ADHD (inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive) so I was officially diagnosed as Combined ADHD!
I never saw myself as hyperactive as I can sit still, but it turns out hyperactivity can be internal which explains a lot about my 180mph brain! 😂
I was initially prescribed Elvanse (Vyvanse to US readers) but that didn’t have any impact. In fact, when on the maximum 70mg dose, I felt restless, anxious and like my skin was crawling!
So today as I write this Concerta XL came into my life. I haven’t taken it yet, that is for tomorrow so look out for Issue #2 and an update on how it went! 👀
Song of the Week
Music is a huge part of my life. I have listened to music for hours at a time almost every day since I was born! So each issue I will share a song that I have listened to a lot or means something to me.
Today we have a song I recently discovered from a playlist on Spotify all about ADHD Hyperfocus. I wouldn’t say it instantly makes me get loads done but I do enjoy it as a piece of music.
FERR by Ferry Corsten & Geronimo Snijtsheuvel - Dark Water (Official Music Video)
Video of the Week
Unsurprisingly, productivity is one of my favourite topics. I am forever striving to improve and find techniques that work, to help me battle the constant urge to do anything but what I am supposed to!
So this week’s video of the week is from Ali Abdaal, a Doctor here in the UK and well-known Productivity Content Creator. He looks at some top productivity techniques and rates them using a tier system!
The Best Productivity Hacks of All Time
Look out for a section in future issues where I try a different technique from this list over a set period of time and see how it goes!
Book of the week
This isn’t the current book I am reading (more on that in Issue #2), but I cannot start a newsletter that discusses productivity, without featuring a book that has had a big impact on me since I read it, Getting Things Done by David Allen.
This is often referred to as the Productivity Bible and the inspiration behind many other books I am sure we will get to over the course of this newsletter.
It has some great techniques and suggestions and has led me to only one folder of paperwork at home which is quite something! The rest is all scanned in or recycled. This is just one example of how it has impacted me but take it from an ADHDer, we like to hoard because we can’t decide what to keep and forget to throw away old stuff like books and paperwork!
Front Cover of Getting Things Done by David Allen - the unofficial productivity bible
Front Cover of Getting Things Done by David Allen - the unofficial productivity bible
Proud Moment of the Week
One of the things I always try and do is keep a list of accomplishments I am proud of. Its also nice to end the issue on a happy note. 😊
This week, I was featured in Developer Avocados Weekly, a curated list of articles and content from the previous week from the world of Developer Relations. I was featured because I joined a Twitch stream with my amazing colleague Lauren Schaefer as she taught us all about how to raise your profile and get that promotion!
People were really complimentary about the content (its well worth a watch!) but also my candidness about my ADHD which is what inspired me to start this newsletter. So featuring in a newsletter I have read for years and having such nice things said about our stream is a double proud moment for me! 🙌
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Luce Carter
Luce Carter @lucecarter1

Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer

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