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This is low-key obsessed

This is low-key obsessed
By Eszter • Issue #1 • View online
Polymer clay jewelry, tombstone cleaning videos, cottagecore, the myth of the basic bitch, diagnosing yourself with ADHD and bimbo TikTok are just a few things I have been obsessed with recently.
Not obsessed in the all-consuming, tinfoil hat-wearing, restraining order-getting way, but definitely obsessed in a this-is-all-we-can-talk-about-for-like-a-week-and-then-I’m-back-to-normal kind of way.
You know, low-key obsessed.

If the past year I spent on TikTok, consumed by the app’s trend cycle, has taught me anything, it’s this: not a single one of my thoughts are unique to me. Every life-forming experience I had (from getting anxious over punctuation to obscure childhood crushes or having a helix piercing that just. Won’t. Heal.) has been lived by someone else - and made into a 15 second video.
So, my hypothesis: my seemingly random, and very often TikTok themed weekly obsessions cannot be unique either. In fact, they may be worth investigating - and that’s exactly what I set out to do in this newsletter.
Last week, Good Soup TikTok, next week… who knows?
Well, if you choose to subscribe, you will.
See you on the other side!
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By Eszter

stuff i’m low-key obsessed with - and probably you are, too.

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