This Week in London Startups - Issue #37



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This Week in London Startups - Issue #37
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Hello you 👋
‘This is Keanu Reeves…“
Anyone else noticed the rapid increase in LinkedIn posts that tell a personal story? It seems if you want to engage with a new audience, the key word is 'vulnerability’.
What can we learn from this?
The status quo is changing. Humanity has been exposed by a decades of excess, by social platforms that value perfection over authenticity, by an intolerance of difference and uniqueness.
People are fed up. People are revolting. It’s time to embrace vulnerability. How will you adapt?

💁 Pitch of the week
Betmate 💰
We featured Betmate’s founder Ryan Lawrence way back in February, and now that they’re looking to ramp up their fundraising efforts, we thought it was a good time to take another look at their pitch.
What do you do?
At Betmate, we’re on a mission to change an industry begging out for disruption - the gambling industry.
We have the vision of making it more responsible and based on social engagement, rather than the products you see today, where the house always wins.
Why do you do it?
On Betmate, you bet against other people, rather than against us, so we never profit based on people losing money. The game we offer and future games we hope to offer are genuinely fun to play and we launched Betmate with our Fantasy Football game (developed in-house) in September 2021.
Where can we find out more?
  • Betmate Investor Pitch Deck - here
  • Betmate Investment Overview & Deal Terms - here
Our take 🤔
Modernisation in the gambling industry is long overdue. There’s no denying market size, but in a increasingly aware society, will people start to reject traditional notions of ‘the house always wins’?
The revenue model for Betmate is clear - 10% of all cash at stake. The product puts the customer in the pound seat, and Ryan intends to lean into influencer marketing to grow his audience. We think that’s a pretty unique approach to accessing that gambling swag 💸
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🙌 Editor's Choice
🗞️ The News
After London Tech Week, what does the future hold for the industry?
What do we think? London Tech Week highlighted the power of our local scene - SA-based think tank Startup Genome reckons the Big Smoke is the most attractive startup environment outside of Silicon Valley.
Tech company layoffs in Europe 2022: listed | Sifted
What do we think? Call it an unpopular opinion, but what we see here is a bucket of world-class talent looking for a life-line. Don your cape, swoop in there and give these people hope.
What do we think? Curiousity may have killed the cat, but it made the entrepreneur. Foster (or rekindle) your love for learning with access to the greatest minds in London.
🌱 The Seed Bank
Front Raises Series D at $1.7B Valuation, Joins List of only 10 other SaaS Unicorns Founded and Led by Women
Why is it here? Because we love to see womxn kick ass, and we need more investment stories like this!
Stripe founders back Entrepreneur First in latest $158m fundraise | Sifted
Why is it here? The business of creating businesses has exploded in the last decade, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Can you help grease the wheel for budding entrepreneurs?
Screenloop raises $7m to stop companies making bad hires | Sifted
Why is it here? Pain is a powerful psychological trigger, and a great place to start your product positioning. The gap between pain and success is greater than the gap between meh and success
🌯 That's a wrap
Remember - embrace your vulnerability.
Just no bloomin’ posts about Keanu Reeves please…
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