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This Week in London Startups - Issue #36

This Week in London Startups - Issue #36
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Hello you wonderfully patient human being 👋
If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must really love us by now…
That’s right - we’re back! Like Michael Jordan, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, we know that a little time out of the limelight can breed greatness 🔥
We’re here to help you make sense of the start-up world with the best insights, spotlights and ideas from all over the city, and beyond.
This puppy is yours, and we want you to find value in it. Let us know how we’re doing by pinging your feedback to us at
James & Aydan

💁 Founder Spotlight
Public speaking has a special place in the nightmares of so many… even the very best entrepreneurs.
Luckily, Max Hoppy, Co-Founder of Bind, has founded The Keynote Club - a safe space for folk that would rather hug a thousand spiders than speak in public (or you know, those who just want to brush up).
He also happens to be a bloody lovely guy 👌
Max Hoppy - Co-Founder of Bind
With a panic attack 😩
I stood up to present in front of 40 people. I couldn’t breathe or speak. Eventually pulled it together and told everyone I was having a panic attack. Changed jobs because I was so embarrassed.
I’ve presented publicly 10X this year with a biggie at Brighton SEO a few weeks ago. People said I was good. I’m still scared, but have proven the fear won’t hold me back. If anything it signposts the way ➡️➡️➡️
The launch of The Keynote Club 🗣️
It’s a not-for-profit and the objective is to help lots of people build confidence and experience in public speaking.
Why? Because leaning into this fearful thing has been a game changer for me. It’s helped my career enormously. And it’s taught me that fear doesn’t need to be a show stopper.
If you want to get involved, sign up here for the next session on 30th June at 12pm (on Zoom).
PS I’m not doing this thing alone. I’ll have help from viv griffithsBecca Lamb,  Becki Wilson and Brian Johnson. Thanks team.
And BindForward Role Recruitment and The Loft Agency will sponsor it so we don’t have any cost and can help as many people as possible. 
Editor's Choice 🙌
Web accessibility: How to make your website more accessible - The Marketing Meetup
Ok yeah I’m biased, but you need to consider web accessibility when building your products and websites, unless you want to miss out on 30% of your audience right off the bat. - James
The News 🗞️
UK tech startups dominate Google's Black Founders Fund
Why’s it here? The UK start-up scene is on fire, and here’s the latest evidence. Our city’s diversity, shining through 🔥
Bill Gates offers guidance on what climate technologies he’s looking to fund – TechCrunch
Why’s it here? The sustainability race will be the next industrial revolution… where will your money go? 🌳
78% of UK businesses say the ‘cost of doing business crisis’ will impact profitability and see 85% of staff facing burnout — Just Entrepreneurs
Why’s it here? It’s a painful time for entrepreneurs, but never forget the impact that stress can have on your people 😰
The Seed Bank 🌱
UK-based sports platform Let’s Do This scores over €56 million with support from Serena Williams and Usain Bolt | EU-Startups
What do we think? High profile sportspeople have been making (or attempting) investments left, right and centre - Lewis Hamilton and Chelsea, anyone?
UK-based Florence raises €32.6 million to revolutionise social care staffing | EU-Startups
What do we think? Social care is a state, and part of the problem is legacy tech. What health areas could you modernise?
Mast raises £1.2m for cloud-native mortgage platform
What do we think? If you’ve ever signed up for a mortgage, you know how painful it can be. The upside of a positive customer experience can be life-changing!
That's a wrap 🌯
Hope you enjoyed the 1st36th edition of ‘This Week in London Startups’! As always, reach out to Aydan or I with any thoughts, ideas or requests.
Until next week 👋
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