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Startup Digest London - The Black Report, Ionburst, State of AI, Spotify's Daniel Ek, Financial Armageddon, Barclays Black Founder Accelerator, The Seed Stage & more





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Hi there Startup Digester,
What’s new this week (apart from the rainy weather)?
“AI nationalism” is on the rise, with governments increasingly planning to scrutinise acquisitions of AI companies. Check out this year’s State of AI report from Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital and Ian Hogarth.
Foundervine are pleased to announce a partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs to launch the Barclays Black Founder Accelerator, a programme specifically designed to champion diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship. 
The Black report launched today, bringing you key insights on pre-seed black founders in the UK: 22% raised from friends & family, £166k - avg amount raised; 46% female team.
“There’s a lot of incredible talent in Europe and I want to do my part so that more great companies can be built here…” <- an interview with Spotify’s Daniel Ek.
Did you know Nas invested in Lyft (IPO), Dropbox (IPO) and PillPack acq. by Amazon <- great thread from Andy Ayim on angel investors, showing the stories of everyone from Jay-Z to Serena Williams.
Top 20 EIS funds and investors you should know about.
“VC is about playing for the biggest outcomes, to do that you have to partner with the most ambitious entrepreneurs. People for whom the windows of reality are completely unhinged. The only way to get to a big outcome is to aim for a huge one” <- great read from Frontline’s Finn Murphy, on all things valuation. More on valuation and venture returns from Ada Ventures.
“There are two objectives that tend to dominate the time and energy of most early-stage startup founders: fundraising and hiring. The latter is often impossible without the former, but a founder needs a team to support them while they’re focusing on raising capital. It’s a difficult balance, and one with which many founders struggle, particularly if they’re inexperienced at dealing with VCs”. Check out this guide to raise your series A from Kindred Capital.
Hope for the best, but plan for the worst! Are you prepared for Financial Armageddon? My favourite read this week, from Northzone Capital.
Until next week!

Del Johnson
51% of venture capitalists have MBA's and nearly 75% have an advanced degree. Research from the past 13 years reveals strongly statistically negative performance for fund managers with MBAs & having an MBA from a prestigious university does not eliminate the negative correlation.
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