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Startup Digest London - TechHerOn, Future Startup Now, JAM 2020, SilverSharers and more

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Tech companies with greater gender diversity outperform by 15%. Employees at women-led companies are happier, more productive, and easier to retain. There’s never been a better time to hire women in tech. With #TechHerOn 50inTech officially launched a place that easily connects female tech talents with companies committed to diversity.
Enabling access to investors and capital. Made by and for underestimated founders. Check out Lolita Taub’s startup matchmaking tool, giving underestimated founders access to investors and capital.
“At Ada we believe that talent is evenly distributed all over the world, but opportunity it is not(…) The mission behind Ada is about unlocking that overlooked, underrepresented talent and investing in people who have been underserved by venture” - check out The Full Ratchet podcast with Ada Ventures’ partner Check Warner.
VCs always say that they want an entrepreneur who executes rapidly, moves fast and gets things done quickly. Why then are the majority of VCs incredibly slow when completing their own due diligence and making their investments? Great read on the importance of speed in venture investing.
From lab to market - how to select industrial partners. Hear Benjamin Joffe in conversation with Robert Gallenberger, Partner at the €100M Industrial Technologies Fund of btov Partners, discuss the differences between industry 4.0 and usual software startups, how to a avoid wasting time with the wrong industrial partners and how to grow the industry 4.0 ecosystem in Europe.
Spend to Survive exists to bring visibility, honesty and advice to help finance leaders and founders make smarter decisions when it comes to spending through the current period. Check out Soldo’s sessions with finance experts from Tessian, Quantico, Trussle and more.
VCs invest in less than 1% of the companies they meet. Here’s a manual to help you beat the odds, from Matilde Giglio of Hambro Perks.
A term sheet is a light-weight document that plugs the gap between a coffee shop conversation between investors and founders, and the 150-pages of legal docs that spell out each detail of the investment.
4 lessons learned (and the deck that helped Aircall raise a $65M series C investment round).
What VCs look for in your SaaS unit economics and financial model.
Great angel investors are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial community. Through personal connections, reputation or hustle, they get to meet startup founders at the earliest stages of their journey, investing money, time and knowledge into their success. Check out these 35 angels shaping the ecosystem.
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Investment Thread for BAME founders
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JAM 2020
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