By Iulia Tudor, Portfolio Manager @ Ascension / Fair By Design

Startup Digest London - CPT3, Swyg, Diversity VC's Standard for VCs, Female Founders VC, The seed stage and the Debut sessions are back and more





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Howdy London people,
Hope everyone’s staying safe and sane. Lots of events and exciting things coming up over the next few weeks, and some great reads to start with.
Female Founders VC is back with 2 sessions scheduled until the end of this year (and 2 more for next year). “We know that smaller networks are an issue for female founders, and we want to level the access playing field” - if you’re a woman founder and you’d like to meet some ace investors, apply here.
The number of terms sheets issued is rising, but valuations are down on pre-Covid levels. Check out the SeedLegals report on angel investments, Covid impact and rebound.
“We have an opportunity to both define the category and push hard for the whole market’s growth. We’d be crazy not to take it, because the best possible way to find product-market fit is to define your own market” - on building something that people want and how Slack started.
“There is no real way to measure frontier tech traction in the early seed stages. However, we can interpret external trends and market movements as either working in favor of or against a particular frontier tech company” <- great read from Dominik Lambersey of SpeedInvest on how VCs measure traction in deep tech.
“To some, GPT-3 seems like just a cool toy. It does a few seemingly clever things but isn’t groundbreaking. To others, it may be the biggest thing in technology since Bitcoin. We’ll know who’s right in a few years” <- great read on what GPT-3 means for non-technical professionals from Michael Tefula of Dwoning Ventures.
We need to talk about investors’ problem with vaginas. An aversion amongst male venture capitalists to talk about vaginas is belittling a whole generation of female entrepreneurs”
The Vaizey view in conversation with Eze Vidra – co-founder of Remagine Ventures and former general partner at Google Ventures. Tune in to hear them chat about Israel’s emerging role in the European tech ecosystem and the current talent crunch.

Featured event of the week
Featured startup of the week
Swyg - Need help with your interview skills?
Open calls
 Global Inclusion Forum - Startup Contest
UK-Israel Female Founder Office Hours - UK Israel Tech Hub - Apply by 27th of August
The Debut Sessions
The Seed Stage: Pitch your startup to the UK's leading VCs and angels
Mayor's International Business Programme
Upcoming events
Startup Content Marketing from a VC & Founder Perspective | August 25th
Future of Health Tech | August 26th
LSE Generate Accelerator: Female Founders August 26th
Venture Briefing: Finance Trends During Covid-19 | August 27th
How to Kickstart and Validate an Idea in 2 months | August 27th
Allyship In The Workplace: Open training session for small businesses | August 27th
Putting diversity and wellbeing at the top of your agenda - in conversation with Playfair Capital | August 28th
 Making the Shift from Founder-led Sales | September 2nd
Explore the beating heart of BioTech with Sunil Shah | September 4th
Unlocking Global Tech | September 8th
Angular Insights: Building your AI Stack In-House | September 9th
LSE & Imperial College Virtual Demo Day | September 10th
JAM 2020
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