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LJPUK, sharing my passions - Issue #2

Thanks to everyone that took time out of their day to subscribe and read my last newsletter. I feel t
LJPUK, sharing my passions - Issue #2
By Lee Peterson • Issue #2 • View online
Thanks to everyone that took time out of their day to subscribe and read my last newsletter. I feel that this could be the way that I share stuff going forward now as I aim to spend less time on social media and more time creating stuff.
To be honest I’ve been struggling a little with the blog but getting the feedback I’ve had in the last week helps keep me going and sharing my passions with everyone. The main reason for blogging in the first place was to share information and help others so I’m hanging in on there.

WWDC and breaking my stuff
Been a hectic couple of weeks with WWDC and installing the beta (multiple times) across my devices. I’ve just had my Apple Watch back from Apple with watchOS 5 back on there (phew) and all of my devices are now back to iOS12. I’ve decided to cancel my developer account and move onto the public beta instead, was an expense I could do without at the moment to be honest.
In the process of testing all the beta’s I found some cool new stuff (like the new reminders app, improved pencil latency and dark mode) and also broke some stuff (lost all my iCloud notes and activity data) but overall I’m glad I gave it a go even though it added some stress to my life at the time.
I’m really happy with what was announced and there is still a lot to digest.

Stuff I've written
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What would you like to see?
Any thoughts on what you’d like to see in the newsletter going forward or from iOS 13? I’ll look at add these questions and answers in the next newsletter.
It’s a short one this time, still figuring out the timeline - what do you think - weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
Did you enjoy this issue?
Lee Peterson

LJPUK, sharing my passions

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