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Weekly Newsletter #7

My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings
Hi friends, welcome to my weekly newsletter. This is just a space for me to share my favourite things I have encountered this week and updates on my projects. I hope by seeing my progress (and struggles) in “real time” will give you an insight into what I am doing and encourage you in whatever it is you are doing.

My favourite things this week
📚 Book - This week I haven’t opened a book which feel weird. I often find after finishing one book, especially a long one like The Name of The Wind I need a few days to digest the work before starting a new one. I have a stack of books which fall into the category of “easy read” which I will try to get through - a nice distraction from the covid-chaos currently enveloping Sydney.
🧬 Article - Still no article up this week but that is okay. It has been difficult at times to just focus on one project at a time given I love chasing new leads but am enjoying the discipline of such focus.
💻 Watching - This week my watching has been taken up by the Olympics! I love watching the incredible athletes and it has given myself and Australia something to cheer about despite the covid outbreak.
Updates on my projects
The two areas that I try to work on each week (in addition to my day job) are (a) building multiple income streams and (b) science communication.
This week has been a bit of a struggle with my business, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything and just lost money. But this is a hurdle that I know I have to overcome. I know I have a good business and I am capable of turning a profit so as long as I keep those things at the core everything else should come.
Picture of the week
Still riding the high from the first few sales, can't wait for the next ones!
Still riding the high from the first few sales, can't wait for the next ones!
Till next week, thanks for reading
~ Lizzie
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My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings @

Just a place where I share things I find interesting and updates on my various projects.

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