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Weekly Newsletter #6

My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings
Hi friends, welcome to my weekly newsletter. This is just a space for me to share my favourite things I have encountered this week and updates on my projects. I hope by seeing my progress (and struggles) in “real time” will give you an insight into what I am doing and encourage you in whatever it is you are doing.

My favourite things this week
📚 Book - This week I succeeded in finishing The Name of The Wind. I was feeling very unproductive all week (lockdown blues) and so set myself the goal of finishing the book over the weekend. It is a little achievement but I feel a lot better after competing the book so I will take that little win whilst I can.
🎙 Podcast - My podcast listening has dramatically decreased since lockdown but this week I did get into a few podcasts on Formula 1. I have started watching Formula 1 so appreciate these podcasts which break down the sport for dummies like myself. I find that they provide nice background noise during lockdown which can get quite lonely.
🧬 Article - Still no article up this week but that is okay. My goal is on my business and I am trying hard to focus on one project at a time rather than multiple.
Updates on my projects
The two areas that I try to work on each week (in addition to my day job) are (a) building multiple income streams and (b) science communication.
I made a sale! Yay! It is only one sale and I am still very much net negative but I am very happy with the progress. Now that I know there is a market for my business I can go forward with more faith and confidence that this business idea will actually work. Onwards and upwards!
Picture of the week
A very empty Bondi Icebergs due to the Sydney Lockdown
A very empty Bondi Icebergs due to the Sydney Lockdown
Till next week, thanks for reading
~ Lizzie
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My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings @

Just a place where I share things I find interesting and updates on my various projects.

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