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Weekly Newsletter #4

My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings
Hi friends, welcome to my weekly newsletter. This is just a space for me to share my favourite things I have encountered this week and updates on my projects. I hope by seeing my progress (and struggles) in “real time” will give you an insight into what I am doing and encourage you in whatever it is you are doing.

My favourite things this week
📚 Book - This week I read The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams for my monthly book club. I completely forgot about our meeting until two days before so had to read it very quickly. Overall I really liked the book and would recommend it for anyone interested in historical fiction but I did feel that it dragged towards the end - though that could have been a side effect of my rush to finish.
🎙 Podcast - Still making my way through the Game of Thrones series on Audible, still have 25 hours left in A Feast for Crows!
🧬 Article - This week I am late publishing my science article, will get to that after finishing this newsletter. I have been thinking a lot about the “why” behind science communication and what niche I want to play around in. There are already great science communicators out there so I want to ensure anything that I put out into the world adds value and is unique. I haven’t settled on my answer yet but will let you know when I do. I did update my website - check it out here.
Updates on my projects
The two areas that I try to work on each week (in addition to my day job) are (a) building multiple income streams and (b) science communication.
This week was a big step forward in one of my projects because I started my own GAMSAT tutoring service. The GAMSAT is an exam for entry into medical school in Australia, it is painful, stressful, and super expensive. I scored high in two of the sections so decided to help others do the same. I have started tutoring and have 3 students after a week (yay!) and have been uploading content on my YouTube channel. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time so I am glad I finally started (even though I am terrified and have so many reasons why this will fail). Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Picture of the week
All the oranges on my tree decided to ripen at once so made some orange jam to preserve them
All the oranges on my tree decided to ripen at once so made some orange jam to preserve them
Till next week, thanks for reading
~ Lizzie
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My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings @

Just a place where I share things I find interesting and updates on my various projects.

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