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Weekly Newsletter #3

My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings
Hi friends, welcome to my weekly newsletter. This is just a space for me to share my favourite things I have encountered this week and updates on my projects. I hope by seeing my progress (and struggles) in “real time” will give you an insight into what I am doing and encourage you in whatever it is you are doing.

My favourite things this week
📚 Book - To continue my education on the stock market I read Rule #1 Investing by Phil Town. This was another great investment book and I am looking forward to implementing his stock analysis strategies.
🎙 Podcast - This week I have taken a break from podcasts and made the switch to audiobook as I have at least 20 books on Audible that are gathering virtual dust. I am currently working through the Game of Thrones books, I made the mistake of watching the TV show so the books aren’t as impactful as they could have been. Sigh, rookie error.
🧬 Article - This week on my blog I published an article on Giant Viruses and their evolution. I found the topic really interesting and whilst the article may not be my best work, I am taking the quantity over quality approach and simply trying to get into a habit of publishing as much as I can to build up experience and a portfolio.
Updates on my projects
The two areas that I try to work on each week (in addition to my day job) are (a) building multiple income streams and (b) science communication.
This week marked a huge failure in business as I decided to close my e-commerce store. After a lot of money spent on advertising I was left with zero sales. I am now in the process of working through what went wrong and how to improve. Obviously no sales is not a sign to quit but I have a gut feeling that the product was just…wrong and so there is not point trying to flog a dead product. Whilst I am feeling frustrated by all the money and hours lost I know this is a step in the right direction. Now to take the learnings and focus on the next store!
My science communication journey continued with another post on my blog. My aim with these posts is not to go viral, but more to figure out what (a) I personally like to write about, (b) what makes a good article and how to write one, and © experiment with different topics and formats. I hope after a few months I will have settled on a style, area, and voice and will be comfortable approaching established media.
Picture of the week
Zero sales on my store. Sigh. Onwards and upwards!
Zero sales on my store. Sigh. Onwards and upwards!
Till next week, thanks for reading
~ Lizzie
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My thoughts and musings
My thoughts and musings @

Just a place where I share things I find interesting and updates on my various projects.

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