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As Strange as News from Far Harran - Issue #8

As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran
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Pluto into Aquarius: Storms and Fires
From the “things I should probably wait to do” file: I started looking at the March 2023 ingress of Pluto into Aquarius. Pluto will revisit Capricorn between June 12, 2023, and January 20, 2024, after which he is in Aquarius until March 8, 2043. We often use Pluto’s sign placement as a generational marker, since its average time in a sign is around 20 years. Note: this was the subject of a recent Nightlight Astrology Speaker Series webinar, but I only caught a few minutes of it.
Aquarius and Capricorn are both Saturn’s temples, so there isn’t quite as much of a feeling of power shifting as with its other ingresses.
The ingress chart sets the tone for Pluto’s tenure in the sign. One note of interest about this one is that Saturn will have recently left Aquarius when Pluto arrives: “Had to go visit Zeus. Snacks in fridge. All the flowers are wilted, just like we like. You can talk to Sol if you need anything; you know how he is when he first gets into Aries.”
The Moon is conjunct al Pherg, betokening fires, upheavals, natural disasters, and people who are firecely independent and restless, seeking freedom and new ways. Alpheratz is at the Ascendant, a fortunate star also associated with free minds, innovation, rebellion (but mundanely with storms and fires).
Therefore, the anthem for Pluto in Aquarius is “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. WARNING: this version of the song will tear your shit up. I am not responsible for any resulting fights or breakdowns just for playing it for you. It was released in a different era, Pluto in Virgo, Uranus in Libra.
Pluto -->Aquarius, first ingress
Pluto -->Aquarius, first ingress
By contrast, the 2024 second ingress begins with Pluto being combust (burned up by the Sun, if that even means anything for a planet of the Outer Darkness*), having had his Cazimi (in the heart of the sun, within the Solar disc), in the last minute of Capricorn. So Pluto starts out conjunct the Sun, trine the Moon, and square Jupiter in Taurus. Whatever you, or we collectively, are receiving from the Moon trine the Sun, is getting an overlay of power and gravity. We won’t notice it so much right away, as the Moon is void of course. It will be like all the action is under the surface, to burst forth later.
These aspects relate to easy integration and cooperation, a lot of drive to grow and break free, along with a bent for self-sabotage or overdoing comimg from the Sun/Pluto-Jupiter square. The Moon with the Hyades inclines to stormy passions, strong drives, sudden changes of fortune.
We also have Venus conjunct the Galactic Center, which, if it means what some think, betokens a wild ride and voyage of discovery.
Several fascinating research possibilities open up here!
* Planets from Mars outward have only superior conjunctions to the Sun, meaning that they are on the oher side of the Sun from us. Mercury and Venus can be betweent the Sun and Earth, or on the other side. Combustion is still a thing, as the planet’s signature is lost in the strong Solar signal.
Pluto-->Aquarius, final ingress
Pluto-->Aquarius, final ingress
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As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran

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