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As Strange as News from Far Harran - Issue #6

As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran
A short newsletter this time. I take a quick look at the astrology of next Monday, right after Mercury stations direct.

A look at the astrology of 2021-10-18
Freeman Presson
(Chart at Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Right after Mercury turns direct, we experience Mars trine Jupiter while the Moon, conjunct the fixed star Algenib, opposes Mercury. The Moon also applies to a fire-sign trine with Venus.
Mars trine Jupiter
Mars trine Jupiter
Algenib is a star of probing intelligent and pointed action, but it also foretells downfalls. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Renaissance mage, was born with the Moon conjunct Algenib. At the same time, Mercury conjoins Vindemiatrix: “Hard-working, focused, dedicated, productive, pragmatic, intelligent and organized qualities are denoted. A willingness to serve and assist others is also indicated.”–Tara Cochrane
Mars trine Jupiter is an aspect of boundless enthusiasm, a great time to jump-start new projects, but with a tendency to overdo the exuberance and turn it into arrogant swagger. Most people will avoid that under this transit, with Mars combust and acting only in accordance with the Sun.
The Moon separates from Saturn and applies to oppose Mercury, then trine Venus. The Moon was opposite Mercury on the recent autumnal equinox (which I wrote about in issue #3 of “Strange as News from Far Harran.”
Moon trine Venus is a sweet aspect. Use it for getting close to friends and lovers, especially honoring the women in your life, and your anima if you are male-leaning.
The aspects of this moment are mostly beneficial, and slightly contradictory. Navigate them with the formula “ground, center, open wide, then get out and DO IT!”
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As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran

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