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As Strange as News from Far Harran - Issue #3

As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran
In this issue, I continue my series of plaudits to favorite astrologers, with a brief appreciation of five influential astrologers. I am emphasizing people who are active now, and very visible on the Internet; it’s not a “greatest of all time” series. It’s also not in any particular order; that would be silly. Then I* get on with some astro-bizniz.
This is the September 22nd issue, but since it has some material about the Equinox, I am publishing early (just as the Moon perfects a trine to Venus, darlings). Next issue should be on September 29th.
* Caught myself typing the editorial "we," but I am only an editor with a lowercase e; the most recent royal blood in my known** ancestry was from around 920CE; and I am quite sure I do not have either a tapeworm, or any of the dissociative disorders.
** Yes, I know genealogy that far back is baloney.

Plaudits, continued:
۩ Sam Reynolds Teacher, frequent speaker, traditional astrologer Sam Reynolds is known for deep work on the Temperaments and planetary cycles, especially the Jupiter cycle. His most recent appearance on The Astrology Podcast, on the significations of Jupiter, was a classic. Sam has a way of getting to the point that is refreshing. Helpful hint: if you are thinking to argue with Sam, bring the goods or stay quiet.
۩ Becca Tarnas is a second-generation evolutionary astrologer (being the daughter of Richard Tarnas of Cosmos and Psyche fame). She holds a PhD in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and teaches at both Pacifica Graduate Institute and CIIS, Her dissertation was on the two “red books”: that of Jung and Tolkien. She teaches an online class on LotR every year starting on September 22nd. Her recent appearance on The Astrology Podcast, dealing with Venus, was a joy.
۩ Jo Gleason This issue’s list is heavy on women in astrology with a lifelong love of Middle Earth. Jo even looks like Frodo (and you could easily visualize Arwen looking like Becca); I am willing to bet it’s obvious in their charts.
Jo studied at Kepler, and with Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock. She’s a mostly-Hellenistic astrologer with a poetic flair and an especially deep connection to Mercury (see, for example, this terrific episode of The Astrology Podcast). Learn more at her aptly-named website.
۩ Amaya Rourke is an Irish astrologer with an animistic worldview, so her work resonates heavily with this old Hermetic-animist. She’s also deep into working with the fixed stars, one of my special interests. At this point, I mostly know Amaya from her Twitter, where I spend a lot of time liking and agreeing with her Tweets, but she’s on my list of astrologers to get a consult from. Beat me to it here.
۩ Acyuta-bhava Das (fka Adam Elenbaas): Author, teacher, and consulting astrologer. Prominent on his website and YouTube channel for his combination of Hellenistic methods and psychological insights. I have run into a few of his students, and they are all outstanding astrologers in their own rights. Very good horary astrologer and teacher, too.
I probably have another five or ten to applaud in upcoming newsletters.
The New News
2021-09-16: I have gotten many urgings from all corners to have a closer look at the Daimon and its Lot, so much reading and thinking is going that way. Example of the former:
“Daimons are particularly linked with the moon in Plutarch’s schemes… The gods are like the sun and stars, but the daimon is like the moon, halfway between the earth and the heavens. If the sun corresponds to a god, then the moon, as an intermediary, transmits this solar divine light to the earth/mortals. We cannot look at the sun directly for more than an instant for fear of going blind, but we can easily look at the light of the moon. Parallels in astrological literature reflect these views. The astrological Moon also ministers, ‘being nearer to the earth, receiving the effluences of the stars above her and ministering (διακονοῦσα) to the places surrounding the earth, she rules over the entire human body.’
In Vettius Valens, the astrological Sun signifies ‘kingship, leadership … judgement… popular authority … master …’, The ninth place is that of the Sun God, the third that of the Moon Goddess.” ‒Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology: Origins and Influence, p. 21. [“διακονοῦσα” in English is Deaconess – Freeman]
2021-09-19: I have a new compatibility report, so I can do better synastry for clients in couples, clients who are couples, and clients who are, um, considering coupling. I have not added it to my shop page, but you can book a consult and ask for it.
2021-09-19: Of course, we have the Autumnal Equinox coming very soon. I have written a whimsical proto-story about the goings-on at the moment the Sun enters Libra:
Chart of the Upcoming Equinox (my location)
Chart of the Upcoming Equinox (my location)
The Speaker feels weak, but is thrust in front of a crowd anyway. It is his day, and his hour. He has support: some freely given, some less so. 
The Speaker, usually inclined to the rational and analytical, is challenged to present a message that resonates with the deepest emotions of the audience, and “hits them where they live.”
The Speaker and the Lady are supported and amplified by the Priest, whose wisdom and benevolence are attuned to the influence of the most powerful spirit of the time, the Ancient Sage, who also supports the Host.
The Dark One can no longer derail the conversation, having lost much of his influence over Host and Speaker at the moment the Host convened the event. The Speaker, knowing what is at stake, speaks as well as he can.
Every guest is told exactly what they most need to hear, but many are distracted or bound up in their own fears, so that they mistake the benevolent message for odious propaganda.
The Warrior held the hearts and minds of the people, and left to his own devices, would have disrupted the gathering and interfered with his enemy the Speaker, but the Host has him in thrall, and reminds him of his real duty.
The Lady, now more attuned to the benevolent Priest than to her enthralled landlord, has conferred most recently with the Host, the Warrior, and the Ancient Sage, who wants everyone to proceed with care and not listen to the Warrior, so she supports the speaker; but it was a close-run thing.
It’s a wonderful thing that the malefics don’t like each other
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As Strange as News from Far Harran
As Strange as News from Far Harran

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