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The award-winning blockchain network for fast & privacy-enabled decentralized applications.

The award-winning blockchain network for fast & privacy-enabled decentralized applications.

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Lightstreams Token Distribution Complete!

If you contributed during the presale or public sale, you will have received an email to with details about your allocated PHT tokens, as well as your receiving address.


Exchanges, GDPR compliance, & Women in Blockchain!

Michael has been personally talking with a multitude of exchanges and we're looking forward to making official announcement. We can't give more information for now, as most of the exchanges have very strict clauses about information disclosure. The only thing…


Why are we building decentralized tech?

Just last week, Facebook announced that it would create a consortium of corporations that have full governance upon a yet-to-be released cryptocurrency. The irony of having the biggest data-hoarding company creating a cryptocurrency governed by some of the mo…


!!! Last Chance Before End of Token Sale !!!

If you missed it, the core development team was LIVE on Ivan on Tech earlier today. Check out the recorded interview here:


Buy PHT Tokens before they run out!

This Limited Public Sale is capped to USD $1M and will run until the scheduled go-live, March 31, 2019.Priority will be given in the order of payments received. We cannot guarantee your allocation if the hard limit is reached before your payment is received. …


Announcing our Limited Public Token Sale

The hard cap for the Token Sale is 80,000 ETH (equiv. value).We have successfully raised during our private and pre-sale rounds approximately $5M in ETH.


Lightstreams: Pre-registration is now open!

Lightstreams is an Ethereum-based blockchain that has been developed with enhancements for improvements in speed and privacy. Decentralised Applications (DApps) built on Ethereum are 100% compatible with Lightstreams. With secure private file sharing, Lightst…


It's Official: Lightstreams is Launching

It has been an incredible journey and quite an achievement by our team to reach this point in such a short time. In less than a year, since the first private tokens went on sale, we will have launched an entirely new blockchain network.Our plan like many othe…


Lightstreams - Peek at first app: Fanbase!

Fanbase is about fans building autonomous communities to support their favourite artist and in return they receive rewards and exclusive access to content.


Lightstreams' Weekly Update - Issue #12

Crowdfunding platforms have their share of censorship controversies - Fanbase powered by Lightstreams can solve this major issue! How? Check my the latest update on this topic!


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #11

ICOs without the pain? CoinFactory can help!How does it work? Read it here:


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #10

Catch up with our latest update and follow up with our design sprint on Fanbase. We are truly looking forward to set it up soon:


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #9

This is your chance to ask any questions you have about Lightstreams, our token sale, the TGE, Fanbase and of course our tech stack.


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #8

Lightstreams’ First AMA with the Engineering Team is Coming to Reddit December 19. We want to empower everyone to use our blockchain technology with the distributed web to build dApps with permissioned content and free, infinite storage, all governed with sma…


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #7

We apologize deeply for this change of direction but we strongly feel that a postponement of the token sale is the best way to protect the long-term future of the project. Moving forward, we will focus on the task of bringing utilization to the Lightstreams N…


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Crowdsale

I am back from our second trip to China, where we visited the impressive Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park. We were also fortunate to be able to present both the Lightstreams Network and our first DApp, fanbase, to a large group of Chinese investors.Our pit…


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #5

We strive for excellence in our operations, which is why we like to hire the best. We’re thrilled to onboard Andrew Zappella as a new Executive to our team. Andrew has a track record of delivering outstanding results, having already successfully exited his ow…


Lightstreams Newsletter – August 2018

I’ve been thinking lately about the issues plaguing the music industry. At face value, it’s certainly a very lucrative sector, but digging deeper, it seems like most of the profits are distributed to the music labels, and not the actual artists. Accounting fo…


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #3

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved, and really excited about the journey ahead and the endless possibilities of Lightstreams!To keep you informed on where we’re headed, and what we aim to achieve over the coming months, we recently published an up-to-da…


Lightstreams' Newsletter - Issue #2

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of a new advisor – Happy Walters! As you may have read in publications like PaymentWeek, Global Banking & Finance Review and CryptoNinjas, Happy is a veteran of the entertainment and media industry who has represe…