The Selection Meeting



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The Selection Meeting
By Dan Liebke • Issue #41 • View online
A ruthless cull of an underperforming team eventually leads to a discussion about the future of the wicketkeeper.

“Now, what about the keeper?”
“I’m inclined to keep her.”
“I think there have been too many drops.”
“Agreed. We’ve dropped too many. We need to keep her.”
“No, she’s dropped too many. We need to drop her.”
“It’s tough to drop a keeper.”
“Tougher still to keep a dropper.” 
“Has she really dropped that many?”
“She’s dropped enough that there’s no cause to keep her.”
“But she’s only dropped that many because she’s the keeper.”
“Are you saying we should keep her because she’s dropped so many?”
“I’m saying a keeper gets a lot of chances, which will lead to more drops.”
“Personally, I don’t think she should have any more chances.”
“Because she’s had so many drops?”
“Exactly. That’s why she should be dropped.”
“I think she should get one more chance before being dropped.”
“I’d hate to see another dropped chance.”
“So you’re saying no more chances?”
“Not if they’re going to be dropped.”
“Well, if she gets no more chances, there will be no more drops.”
“If you could guarantee no more drops, I’d be happy to give her another chance.”
“I can’t guarantee no more drops. It depends on the number of chances.”
“Oh, I think at most she only gets one more chance.”
“If she only gets one more chance, then it’s unlikely there’d be any drops.”
“And that’s why you’re adamant we should keep her?”
“I just don’t think it’s time yet for goodbyes.”
“Well, there’s no such thing as good byes. Not for a keeper.”
“So you wouldn’t say goodbye?”
“So does that mean you now want to keep her?”
“Oh no. I still want to drop her.” (Pause) “But there is a catch.”
“A catch for the keeper?”
“A catch to do with her dropping?”
“Yes. Because I’d still like to keep her as a batter.”
“But not as a keeper.”
“I don’t think we can keep her as a batter. We can only bat her as a keeper.”
“Agreed. And that’s the catch with dropping her.”
“So because of this dropped catch, we have to keep her?”
“Keep her as a keeper, yes.”
(whistles in admiration) “That’s some dropped catch.”
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Dan Liebke

Every Friday, I go through my big list of cricket ideas, and churn out a first draft of something I've got in there. It won't be polished. It may not be interesting. I make no promises. But I'm going to throw something up and see what works and what (infinitely more likely) does not.

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