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September 2021 Cricket Quiz

September 2021 Cricket Quiz
By Dan Liebke • Issue #21 • View online
Test how well you remember the past month of cricket by taking the September 2021 cricket quiz.

1. Which ongoing incursions did true cricket fans find most unwelcome?
A. Dogs during assorted T20 matches
B. Jarvo69 during England’s Test series against India
C. Talk of the AFL Grand Final during the coverage of the Australian women’s ODIs against India
D. David Warner’s batting during the IPL 
2. What was described as ‘ultra-woke grandstanding’ by certain hysterical cricket traditionalists?
A. Replacing the term ‘batsmen’ with ‘batters’ in the official Laws of Cricket
B. Jos Buttler missing a Test match to be with his wife when she gave birth
C. Beth Mooney’s century in the second ODI between Australia and India
D. The death of Ted Dexter
3. Whose sudden abandonment of their cricketing duties triggered the most wild conspiracy theories?
A. India (Old Trafford Test)
B. New Zealand (Pakistan tour)
C. England (Pakistan tour)
D. George Dobell (ESPNcricinfo)
4. Which difficult-to-quantify factor was most crucial to the Australian women’s team extending their record ODI streak to 26?
A. Their ‘presence’
B. Their ‘determination’
C. Their ‘never-say-die’ attitude
D. The exact location of Nicola Carey’s ‘waist’
Hemant Brar
Tried to superimpose a few screenshots to find the trajectory of the ball. Appears it would have dipped *just* below the waist height. Didn't seem so on replay though. #AUSvIND
5. For cricket fans all around the world, which would prove the most emotionally difficult to farewell?
A. Michael Holding’s commentary
B. Dale Steyn’s bowling
C. Moeen Ali’s Test career
D. The blooper footage of a reporter referring to Tim Paine’s ‘bulging dick’
6. Who showed the least concern about a looming and obvious cricketing threat?
A. Australian fans (to the threat of England not sending their best players to the Ashes)
B. Sophie Molineux (to the threat of a ball bouncing off the pitch and into her face)
C. The Pakistan T20 World Cup squad (to the threat of Matthew Hayden coaching them)
D. The fourth batter mankaded by Maeva Douma
"Why shouldn't I use this opportunity to get the players out?"

16-year-old Cameroonian, Maeva Douma on effecting FOUR run outs at the non-strikers end in one innings 👏

(via @ICC)
Behind The Scenes
I’ve done these kinds of quizzes before. It’s a neat joke format, but probably harder to make work than you might expect. You need to gather all the major moments of the previous month (fortunately, I have both a Twitter account and a weekly podcast to make that simpler).
Then you have to group the moments together based on some kind of similarity so that they can serve as multiple choice questions.
Then you have to work out a phrasing for both the questions and answers that both makes sense but also serves as a setup and a punchline.
Probably more work than it’s worth, if I’m being honest.
Nevertheless, I’ll see if I can summon the energy to do it again next month as well.
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Dan Liebke

Every Friday, I go through my big list of cricket ideas, and churn out a first draft of something I've got in there. It won't be polished. It may not be interesting. I make no promises. But I'm going to throw something up and see what works and what (infinitely more likely) does not.

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