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Lehmann and The Demon

Lehmann and The Demon
By Dan Liebke • Issue #10 • View online
A terrifying new Netflix series that reveals the astonishing true story of the supernatural forces at play during the twin Ashes series of 2013 and 2013-14.
Supernatural - Witty - Cricket

Episode 1
Shortly after taking the reins of the Australian cricket team in 2013, new coach Darren ‘Boof’ Lehmann (Dean Norris) is visited by a supernatural creature - Fred ‘The Demon’ Spofforth (Henry Cavill). The unholy fiend demands the sacrifice of a goat (Nathan Lyon) in exchange for the promise of an Ashes victory. But Lehmann is not the only one accessing dark forces…
Episode 2
Undone by the malevolence of Stuart Broad (Owen Wilson), Lehmann is tempted again by The Demon, who offers to unleash even more powerful dark forces. The coach hesitates, but after a crushing defeat he agrees to the beast’s demand for a sacrificial virgin (Ashton Agar). However, the deal comes with unforeseen repercussions, and the return of an unwelcome menace…
Episode 3
The return of David Warner (Jesse Plemons) to the side has Lehmann second-guessing the deals he’s made with The Demon. In a series of flashbacks to the Walkabout bar, we learn exactly why Lehmann is so wary, before a stunning flash-forward hints at trouble in the future…
Episode 4
Another defeat sees a furious Lehmann confront The Demon, demanding the unholy imp keep his end of the assorted bargains they’d made. But when The Demon reveals that he never promised Lehmann which Ashes series he’d win, the desolate coach ponders his options…
Episode 5
With the Ashes lost, a distraught Lehmann reveals the extent of his supernatural dalliances to his first drop, seasoned ghost-hunter Shane Watson (Chris Hemsworth). Watson helps Lehmann lure The Demon into a dressing room pentagram, where the coach extorts several advantages from the hell-dwelling monster…
Episode 6
Three months later, we learn the first of Lehmann’s renewed deals with The Demon. His demand that Mitchell Johnson (Rami Malek) not only find form but also maintain it for an entire Ashes campaign begins promisingly. But there are hints that The Demon has his own schemes brewing…
Episode 7
The second of Lehmann’s deals with The Demon is revealed, as Brad Haddin (Mickey Rourke) continues to wield chaos magic. The wicket-keeper’s batting creates a probabilistic maelstrom that threatens the space-time continuum, but also allows Australia to take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes.
Episode 8
In this Emmy-award winning episode, each stride of Ryan Harris’s (Rhinocerotidae) run-up to bowl the first ball of England’s second innings of the third Test brings us a flash back to further details of Lehmann’s deal with The Demon. But the cost of a further year’s worth of functioning knees for the big fast bowler may be far greater than Lehmann ever dared imagine…
(Note: Episode features the Grammy-award winning music video montage of Harris’s eventual delivery backed by Nick Cave’s cover of Walking on Sunshine)
Episode 9
With the Ashes regained, Lehmann attempts to summon The Demon one last time with an offer to annul their dreadful blood pact. But despite the best efforts of Watson, the infernal fiend is nowhere to be found. Just as they begin to believe they’re finally free of his malevolence, however, a stunning post-credit scene reveals he’s been with them all along… 
Episode 10
In the season one finale, The Demon, now revealed to have escaped into the material world via the moustache of Mitchell Johnson, seeks new souls to enslave. As the Australians celebrate their Ashes whitewash, The Demon beckons a young Steve Smith (Jack Black) to the back of the dressing room where he makes him an offer…
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Dan Liebke

Every Friday, I go through my big list of cricket ideas, and churn out a first draft of something I've got in there. It won't be polished. It may not be interesting. I make no promises. But I'm going to throw something up and see what works and what (infinitely more likely) does not.

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