Analysis of a Joke 2



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Analysis of a Joke 2
By Dan Liebke • Issue #11 • View online

Remember way back in the very first Revue newsletter I spewed forth how I analysed one of James Marsh (@pavilionopinion)‘s brilliant Twitter jokes? No?
Well, regardless, I’m back doing the same thing again. This time, I’m breaking down one of Ben Pobjie (@HartWexford)’s magnificent tweets. (As with the previous one, if comedy analysis isn’t your bag, maybe give it a miss.)
Joke Analysis - Ben Pobjie
Joke Analysis - Ben Pobjie
Behind The Scenes
Another edition done of my Monday First Drafts challenge, in which I take an idea from my big list of cricket ideas and spend a few hours working on a first draft prototype.
Post-Mortem on Previous Weeks’ First Draft
I skipped the last couple of weeks to do final work on my next book, out later in the year. But I’m back now for the foreseeable future.
Before that, I did an XI of players with lots of 11s in their stats. It was a mild hit. People like their stats, especially if it’s in service of something a little odd.
Prospects for a more polished version: Unlikely. Doing weird elevens is fun, but once you go to an XI of 11-centric players, where else is there to go? (This is probably overly pessimistic. There are zillions of other potentially amusing elevens. Just because none occur to me right now doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.)
Then, after that, I did a faux-Netflix series summary, chronicling the supernatural soul-trading of Darren Lehmann in the twin Ashes summers of 2013 and 2013/14. This really tickled a very small minority of people (including me). But most people had no time for such nonsense. And fair enough too, I guess.
Prospects for a more polished version: Unlikely. I like the idea. I’d like to take more time over the crappy Photoshop show image if I redid it. But the joke has mostly run its course.
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Dan Liebke

Every Friday, I go through my big list of cricket ideas, and churn out a first draft of something I've got in there. It won't be polished. It may not be interesting. I make no promises. But I'm going to throw something up and see what works and what (infinitely more likely) does not.

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