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I have some explaining to do... - The All-Inclusive Newsletter #18

I have some explaining to do... - The All-Inclusive Newsletter #18
By Liam O'Dell • Issue #18 • View online
Hello there,
To say it’s been a while would be a bit of an understatement. This newsletter has, to my shame, suffered a rather slow and painful death as other commitments came along and - to be completely honest with you - paid work took priority.
Since the last issue in October, The All-Inclusive Newsletter has been on an unannounced, unofficial and indefinite hiatus. As of today, the hiatus is official and has been announced, but I hope you’ll stick with me for what’s next.
I’m writing a book. Yes, with the delightful folks over at Jessica Kingsley Publishers, I’ll be penning and publishing my debut non-fiction book with them. Investigative, provocative and (hopefully) eye-opening, it’ll look at how autism researchers lost the trust of the autistic community, and how it can win it back.
I’m saying all of this because in the hopes of driving up interest in the book (but also to hold me accountable and encourage me to keep going), I’ll be producing a new regular newsletter sharing my writing progress. The only issue is that Revue - my newsletter platform - seems to only want one newsletter at a time.
And so this newsletter will rebrand to The Book Accountability Project. You don’t have to do anything if you’re still interested in what I do, but as it’s not quite the same as before, you can unsubscribe - no offence taken, and sorry there isn’t an easier option.
Whether you’ll join me on the next journey or not, thanks for taking an interest in this one, even when it didn’t end in the smoothest possible way.
Until next time,


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Liam O'Dell

I'm writing my first book, and I want you to follow my journey, but also motivate me to put words on a page.

Formerly 'The All-Inclusive Newsletter', this newsletter will share updates as I begin to compile my debut, but will also be a way for me to reach out with ways you can be involved, and support the work I'm doing.

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Hi, I'm Liam. I'm a Deaf and disabled journalist and campaigner who is now writing my first non-fiction book, and needs people to hold me accountable.

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