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An Apple Announcement A Day... - The All-Inclusive Newsletter #10

An Apple Announcement A Day... - The All-Inclusive Newsletter #10
By Liam O'Dell • Issue #10 • View online
Good evening!
This fortnight’s newsletter has landed in your inbox a little later than expected. Apologies. Part of that is down to my being incredibly busy this week, the other part is because there’s a lot of stuff to jump into:
  • The latest Spaces updates
  • Apple’s accessibility developments
  • Exclusive access stats from YouTube
  • and more!
So strap in, and enjoy your latest All-Inclusive Newsletter!

🗞️ Read A11y 'bout it!
YouTube manual captions are seemingly on the up...
WhatsApp's getting snappy!
Spotify's set to auto-transcribe podcasts on its platform "over the coming weeks"
Right on schedule...
Longer descriptions on Instagram get more engagement, apparently
We already have a name for that: why “Zoom” fatigue is nothing new
🧠 Co-hosting in Spaces addresses the 'cognitive load'
improving co-hosting is one of our top priorities, so here's what we're working on:

- 2 co-hosts in addition to speakers and host
- the ability to speak, pin tweets, and approve/invite/remove speakers!

we hope this will make managing the conversations in the Spaces easier!
I have already talked about the significant benefit a co-hosting feature for Twitter Spaces would have for disabled people in Issue #4 of this newsletter. When you have to monitor notifications for any mentions, accept speaker requests, browse for tweets to share into the Space and talk to the audience all at once, then the - what I like to call - ‘cognitive load’ can become a lot for neurodivergent people such as myself.
Thankfully, Twitter has now shown more work on this functionality, meaning the mental energy hosts have to spend monitoring a Space will soon be spread out, somewhat.
Hosts will be able to select two co-hosts to join them, in addition to any speakers, and they will have the ability to speak in the Space, share tweets, and manage speakers.
Twitter Spaces have also announced that they are looking into how the ownership of Spaces can be transferred in the future.
🍎 Apple announces a ton of new access tools
💬 Spaces on desktop offers a captions workaround
starting today, spaces will be available on (mobile web, desktop web)

our focus areas:
- infrastructure and listening UI that adapts to your screen size
- setting reminders for scheduled spaces
- accessibility and transcriptions
If you’ve been fortunate enough to dive into a Twitter Space, then you’ll know that their current captioning offer - although miles ahead of Clubhouse, who have nothing - still needs some work. However, as fellow accessibility advocate Ashlee Boyer tweeted to me yesterday, there may be a workaround when it comes to users now being able to join Spaces on desktop.
“I’d really like to listen to spaces via desktop with Chrome’s new auto captions,” she wrote, and it certainly is an option. Other software such as Ava also offer a desktop-based solution to captioning, and it’s likely that some of these will be better than Twitter’s current model.
With that being said, a designer at Twitter, known only as ‘C’, replied to my tweet to share some captioning updates which were launching alongside the new desktop offer:
c ✨
@LiamODellUK @AvaScribe great ideas!

btw for web, as you may have seen, we've made some legibility improvements to captioning (scrollback, solid background, etc.) that will be rolling out to iOS and android too. + working on improving caption timing and accuracy as always. let us know how it feels!
👋🏻 See you in June!
The next newsletter will be landing in your inboxes on Friday 11 June. In the meantime, let’s continue the conversation on Twitter - I’m over @LiamODellUK.
And as always, if you loved this newsletter, like it below, and/or forward it on to one of your friends so they can join in the fun.
For folks in the UK, enjoy the bank holiday weekend!
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