Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #22



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Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #22
By Levi Breederland • Issue #22 • View online
It may only be a 5-band, but I never thought I’d appreciate having a physical EQ within arm’s reach.

Something from a friend
Don't (just) vote
Something from myself
Setting a fixed price for something that is not intrinsically related to costs — like an optional contribution if someone likes what you’re making — is illogical. Different people will attribute different amounts of value to the same piece of content, due to their own priorities and varying levels of wealth.
A busker doesn’t say “$5 bill donations only” and neither should you.
Value for Value
Some vocabulary
Canadian pale
In which your IT guy tells you to avoid IT
I’m regularly annoyed when a comedian has a good take on something but they are ignored — or avoided — because they are a comedian.
A hot take
Don’t forget to wear your foam hat so if an erratic driver kills you with their tonne of metal going 100km/hr, they can publicise the story as “Cyclist Hit by Car, Dies” instead of “Cyclist Without Helmet Hit by Car, Dies of Brain Injuries” or something else pointing out the lack of helmet and not the crazy driver that is to blame.
Are Bicycle Helmets Holding Us Back?
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Levi Breederland

A list of links to click while you lunch.

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