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Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #21

Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #21
By Levi Breederland • Issue #21 • View online

This comic was published over a decade ago and the Joe Biden comments are even funnier now. You could say they’ve aged like a fine wine.
My guide to making kombucha:
A Crash Course on Kombucha
I love how there is (was?) a term for purchases made on a cell phone that’s separate from e-commerce.
M-commerce | Definition of M-commerce by Merriam-Webster
Watch Eilish’s video here before you watch this:
Billie Eilish used autotune on NDA and people lost their minds
I don’t know what’s a more impressive V, the guitar or the shirt.
The computing power needed to go to space was (and is, I believe) so small compared to the amount of processing power we have in our pockets.
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Levi Breederland

A list of links to click while you lunch.

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