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Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #18

Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #18
By Levi Breederland • Issue #18 • View online
LinkedIn should buy naming rights to a park.

If you’re feeling generous, you could help out a local friend make his family’s new home accessible for his daughter with cerebral palsy.
Fundraiser for Natalie Rivard by Meaghan Sheehan : A Leap for Faith
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
I started watching this video thinking it would be about what the title says. But alas, even though that would be an interesting topic to dive more deeply into, the actual subject was even better.
The stop-motion music video era
Remember when everyone was doing stop-animated music videos? Here’s my new favourite.
Band of the day: DELTΔ HEΔVY
Why the cordless phone was invented
Silent Movie GIFs
Buster Keaton running to answer the phone in The Cameraman (1928)
It's a Metal Monday
One really should try to appreciate every style of music for the skills of the song-writers and performers. Unless it’s country-pop, that drivel is the worst. Here’s some real music.
Deus Vult, by Evangelist
Also, I hate everything about Spotify except the ability to listen to music.
Where we're going, we don't need roads
I’m low-key fascinated by this. It seems that, in the age of modern transportation, we’ve forgotten just how much of North America is traversable via water.
Canadian canoe routes - Wikipedia
Final word
Final word: If you’re not preventing your devices from notifying you of anything not urgent when you’re asleep, you’re doing it wrong.
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