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Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #17

Levi's List of Lunchtime Links - Issue #17
By Levi Breederland • Issue #17 • View online
I really hate the phase “new normal”. That is all.

Copyright is broken
Assuming you weren’t the person who sent me this (I can’t remember who did):
a) It’s good, but long
b) I like his opinions (he flips a literal switch from “fact” to “opinion” and I chuckled)
YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.
Fake cameras are really cool
A neat video about some of the subtle things that set Pixar apart in the filmmaking industry, even though they aren’t the only studio making full-length computer-animated films anymore. Absolutely fascinating!
Long-range communications
Remember that outstanding scene in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, where they light the beacons of Gondor to send a message? Well this is like that but can do semaphore. And what is semaphore? Well, young person who doesn’t know you can look up words that you don’t understand, it’s a way of visually signalling letters over a distance… one of those wonders of the pre-digital world.
Optical telegraph - Wikipedia
Word of the day
Imagine being so influential in your field that that your name is used 1200 years later to mean something that everyone but the advertisers hate.
What was your biggest dream as a kid?
Mine still is permanent lighter-than-air craft designed for residential use.
A song to stick in your head
MEUTE - Gula
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