Levi's List - Issue #6



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Levi's List - Issue #6
By Levi Breederland • Issue #6 • View online
I really need to send these more often. Go follow me on Twitter if you’re bored.

Recent blog posts
A Logical Journey to Catholicism
Who Won the 2018 Olympics?
Things I produced
St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization
Selected tweets
Levi Breederland
Political discussion prompt of the week:

"'No victim, no crime' is a valid statement."
Listening - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Church Isn't Supposed to be Fun
The Pc Pc shop - Foil Arms and Hog
List of lists of lists - Wikipedia
The Ultimate Blood Sacrifice
From the archives
Why I'm Considering Catholicism - Levisan.me
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Levi Breederland

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