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📰 Letter #69 - Russia approves COVID-19 vaccine / Increase in testing capacity in India / Misinformation perils

Letters About COVID19
📰 Letter #69 - Russia approves COVID-19 vaccine / Increase in testing capacity in India / Misinformation perils
By Salman Mushir • Issue #69 • View online
Hi. Here’s 5 point updates about what’s happening with COVID-19 in India and across the world.

1. An increase in COVID testing capacity in India 📊
2. Russia approves COVID-19 vaccine ahead of trial completion 🇷🇺
From @bbcnews
From @bbcnews
Vladimir Putin has said a locally developed vaccine for Covid-19 has been approved after less than two months of testing on humans. The Russian President said the vaccine had passed all the required checks, adding that his daughter had already been given it. The country plans to start a mass vaccination in October. However, there is scepticism and concern over the speed with which the vaccine has been developed. Amid fears that safety may have been compromised, the World Health Organization urged Russia to follow international guidelines for producing a Covid-19 vaccine. More than 100 vaccines around the world are in early development, with some being tested on people in clinical trials. Tap the link in our bio for more about the announcement from Russia and on the process of vaccine development.
3. UK officially in recession 📉🇬🇧
The Washington Post
Britain plunges into deep recession, with steep job losses and Europe’s highest virus death toll
4. Perils of Misinformation 🙅‍♀️
5. Call for a note of empathy 🙌🏻
From @bloombergopinion
From @bloombergopinion
There’s been lots of sympathy for lonely elders during the pandemic. Without diminishing their suffering, it’s worth asking: Can’t this same empathy be extended to lonely young people?
Young people may feel even worse than their elders. Surveys conducted before the pandemic found the highest rates of loneliness among the young and the lowest among people over the age of 72.
Let’s be a little more understanding of the young: One in four workers under 25 lost their jobs. They’ve lost not only health benefits, but also their sense of purpose.“Thinking back to my own 20s, a single year could involve all of these options. Friends provided the only ballast in a life of ever-changing roommates, boyfriends and jobs. A pandemic would have rendered my 20s life unrecognizable,” writes Sarah Green Carmichael.
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